Native Instruments Massive Tutorial 05 – Serial & Parallel Filter Modes

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  1. joeyxl3456 says:

    that was a great description of the filters. thank you.

  2. Philip Roy says:

    You sir deserve more views ! You explain so much better than all the other
    tutorials on youtube, I like the way you teach other people in a fun way,
    the way you’re explaining things makes it so much easier for people new to
    Massive ! Great tutorial ! Thank you !

  3. Antoni Minkiewicz says:

    and then they are pooped into the world

  4. JAN-e says:


  5. David D says:

    You absolute legend!! it took me so long to try and rap my head around
    massive’s filter section, because no one in any video has ever explained
    clearly how parallel and serial worked. It finally makes sense now. Awesome
    tutorial, appreciate it.

  6. Deryk Moates says:

    This is the best explanation of the filter section that I have ever seen
    and I’ve watched tons of free and paid videos. Thanks

  7. SadowickProduction says: