Native Instruments FM8 Tutorial: Sound Design Using the Arpeggiator + Morphing

More info – In this video tutorial, Dubspot Electronic Music Production and Sound Design instructor Evan Sutton demonstrates arpeggiatio…
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  1. David Adeyemi says:


  2. Carl Borsing says:

    I keep reading online how you can’t record FM8’s output to a midi track,
    even if you disable the synth? Strange it works with Kirnu and some other

  3. John Kotermanski says:

    Awesome! Thanks Evan!

  4. Ramon Rosario says:

    Same sound, why?

  5. MNINE says:

    fantastic. thx

  6. HumanComp0und says:

    Hey Guys, nice and helpful video! Just wanted to ask if anyone knows why
    does FM8 stop working right after I try to modulate it with my mouse and
    when i press latpops key it just stucks on the note… Would apriciate your
    help. Thank yooou!

  7. anonymousQ45 says:

    how do you automate the effects

  8. DJCataract says:

    I guess that absynth dutch lead video was made on an off day, if it wasn’t
    for the name at the begininning, i probably would’ve thought this was a
    completely different instructor.

  9. dj b0cv4n4 says:

    Man this is great !

  10. kfrncs says:

    Seriously though.. this is the best FM8 tutorial I’ve ever seen.

  11. SinisterPsyche says:

    13:12 is a damn fine sound

  12. Chey Figs says:

    dope tutorial thanks yo

  13. iContrast182 says:

    just had to buy fm8, thanks! 🙂

  14. kylechandler4665 says:

    This was so helpful. Are you offering any courses that are for FM8?

  15. Dubspot says:

    Thank you for the input!!

  16. Brian Taylor says:

    Very helpful thanks a lot

  17. itsMrDerrp says:

    Evan your the man!

  18. Inphanity says:

    Its amazing how one tutorial like this can explain so much.

  19. Gunbardo says:

    Omg man, you just made a melodic sinus tune with a simple tool that uses
    microprocessors to produce……… Damn, now nobody’s gonna work hard on
    making music…..

  20. pod054321 says:

    best fm8 tut

  21. colossusx7 says:

    lol thanks!

  22. gitarrstrimlaren says:

    Really awesome tutorial!

  23. kylechandler4665 says:

    @mrevansutton Thanks, i’ll definitely look into it. I’ve been hoping to
    either take a course for ableton or FM8, but hopefully i’ll be able to take

  24. Bodao C says:

    I understand these tutorials are free, but i was interested in attending
    this school. Do the classes get more in depth, or is is mostly just entry
    level information to get you started on sound design and performance?

  25. Kitsch Puffer Fish says:

    I’m suscribed from now on.