Native Instruments FM8 Tutorial: Creating Unique Basslines Using FM Synthesis

For more info – In part two of this Sound Design & Synthesis video tutorial, Dubspot Instructor Evan Sutton shows you how to create an a…
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  1. Bro Instinct says:

    lol’d at this guy’s sarcasm

  2. Chris Manders says:

    FM does not do bass sounds very well – Most people have known this since
    the DX7 was first introduced in the early 80s

  3. Jamie Walkling says:

    That was awful

  4. Praxics says:

    useless tut

  5. Matthew West says:

    ” look ma, no filter”

  6. Nathaniel Stevens says:

    Um that’s not a bell that’s a sound from sega genesis.

  7. Opinion Owner says:

    I guess this guy does not really undestand what happens in the matrix

  8. Random Logick says:

    i have a collection of over 15k presets for FM8 :). but selecting other
    sound banks is a little slower now, because FM8 has to readout so many
    files within my custom folder. 

  9. Joseph Ocasio says:

    you know what would make you really famous? try to decipher or recreate the
    dembow loops of reggaeton theres an idea for a next video 😉 your welcome

  10. Michael Benson says:

    lol this guy is the best 

  11. Shawheen Azizi says:

    This is an amazing video! I’m talking grade A top shelf.

  12. Marcus Bergner says:

    you can make a good bass line like this in fm8

  13. SneakyBadness says:

    This is is an awesome video but my problem is that I am learning that
    “doing this to that does this” but I still don’t really understand how and
    why. Id like to comprehend the mechanics of fm synthesis so I can be
    creative with my synth design.
    Can anyone recommend a good video/article/site whatever?

  14. alexxdeadly says:

    @DubSpot I like how you dodged @aerialdude’s question about the cost of
    these classes, as their RIDICULOUSLY steep and not worth it in my opinion.