My Favorite VST Plugins For Beat Making

This is my “Go To” list of VST plugins I use to create beats in FL Studio 10 and 11. I usually alternate between 2-3 instrument plugins depending on what my …


TOP #1: LennarDigital Sylenth1 ( TOP #2 TOP #3 TOP #4 TOP #5 TOP #6 TOP #7 TOP #8 TOP #9 TOP #10 Sylenth1 is a virtual analog VSTi synt…
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  1. 3kbeatz says:

    Okay, so here’s a question for ya’ll. What do you think about producers
    like “Mike Will” using presets from VSTs like Gladiator and just adding
    drums to them? Are they being creative or just lazy?

    I found more conversation on this here:

  2. Devan Santanaa says:

    how did you get that staggered fade at 0:47

  3. HuugZ G says:

    solid beat dude, can anyone hook me up with some of these plugins? i know
    most of yous didnt buy them. haha or atleast put me into the right
    direction to find them . thanks.

  4. Edmunds Life says:

    I need a really good drum pluggin for Cubase so that I can make
    R&B/Pop/Slow love tracks. Any recommendation please.

  5. SwayzesGhost says:

    Damn I forgot about hypersonic, that had some decent features

  6. Derrick Hooks says:

    anyone who wants to trade Kontakt presets??

  7. AZ Dollar says:

    this is all so expensive…

  8. Dj Titanuim says:

    hey . i do breaks music i was wondring wht vst is the better to work wiht
    on drums and fx and stuff and special adding electronic beats to that drum
    loops & thx . 

  9. crayyawn says:

    Thanks for the vid bro. I’ve got a couple questions for you, those
    arpeggiated hi hats, what DAW are you using to do that? I can’t figure out
    how to do that shit in Logic and if there’s a DAW that makes that easier I
    was curious. Also at 1:29 when the beat is muting on and off really quickly
    how do you do that? Are you drawing in a mute automation by hand? Or is
    there some effect that does that shit more simply for you? Thanks brother

  10. Eric Weissinger says:

    Basically all of them

  11. Itsadobe ok says:

    The way these plugins are used keeps everyone at the same level 

  12. Anthony Quevedo says:

    Dope beat

  13. Most Ruthless Beats says:

    Cool video list. Thanks for the video.

  14. Thomas Spark says:

    Hello 3K, on your Drake-like song on Soundcloud it sounds like your kicks
    are either just over the cusp of clipping or are being limited quite hard,
    is this the case?

  15. Chris Mass says:

    albino3 is slept on

  16. S S M Beats says:

    I really wanna collab on this track with you.

  17. LeeroyGreen says:

    I mean you should honestly do videos showing what the plug ins are capable

  18. Fabricio Gretter says:

    Anyone knows where you can get rob papen blade?

  19. Gladys Lilley says:

    Electra 2 is poppin too

  20. 이주한 says:

    faultless beat

  21. Alexis Roy says:

    Very good song

  22. George BAS says:

    Amazing 😀 man i love it