Music Production Bachelor’s Degree Program

Program director Russ Gaspard explains what students can expect from Full Sail University’s Music Production degree program. Check out the degree here! http:…

Electronic music production workshop with Gregor Zemljič.
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  1. Alex H says:

    I’d have loved a hybrid between recording arts and music production. Is
    there any way I can take the recording arts program and also take music
    composition in depth? Because as far I as I’m concerned there’s music
    composition in the recording arts course but it’s not that deep. 

  2. Cyan!de says:

    damn pro tools? i was really hoping for a course in ableton live :/

  3. Jake Butler says:

    Please do your research first before you decide to commit to this program
    fully. I hate to say this but for the most part you learn more about music
    then you do actually making it . If you are completely new to music theory
    you might have a shot but for those of us who can’t learn a whole new way
    of thinking in a 4 week course then this might not be for you. The teachers
    are very nice for the most part but you have to be a specific kind of
    learner to really get the most out of online courses if you are not this
    isn’t for you. Also I would advise you to talk to the career development
    rate to see what the job placement turn out is for people that graduate
    with this degree. If you are looking to go out on your own then this could
    be for you if you are already a songwriter but if you are looking for
    employment its good to know what your chances are. I’m just saying i’ve
    learned a good bit from this program but its not the right fit for

  4. Edgar Mahone says:

    Looking forward to starting the music production course . I would really
    like to get my hands on some of the in school gear mixing and such, I have
    seen so gear online I would like to add and it would be nice to get some
    hands on before investing in it. I would hate to burn it up first day lol.

  5. Da Vvinci says:

    Do you need to use Logic Pro X? I already know Fl Studio exceptionally
    well, so is that an option?


    I am Currently enrolled and 2 months in to the Bachelors degree for music
    production at full sail university it’s a fun course to take IMO.

  7. konjunktion26 says:

    i do so much electronic music production but i get no reactions at all for
    my wicked 1.200+ electronic music compositions on my youtube channel so i
    probably will stop composing and producing music because ignorance is all
    you get on internet if you produce music. you just get attention if you are
    some girl in a short dress with big breasts and a ass that has enough space
    for 2 cars, but if you produce like a crazy horse 2 weeks on one single
    track and you got already over 6.000 tracks on your laptop that you
    composed, there should be some frustration, if you still got nobody thats
    listening to you or calling your music silly bullshit, while lady gaga and
    justin bieber get millions and millions and more millions of views and
    dollars for their bullshit.

  8. AJ Clay says:

    I just started analyzing my favorite songs and their compositions to make
    beats and it helps a lot!

  9. Youssef Mansour says:

    fantastic points. thank you so much uploader 

  10. Ashlee Isaac says:

    can I have the original tracks of pop songs for any websites…..?

  11. Alan Thompson says:

    Down to a science. Fantastic.

  12. E.M.P. Bezplanet says:

    SAE! Are you gonna have any more free work shops ? 

  13. Andrew Gonzales says:

    Retarded, this clown is teaching his students to essentially copy/mimic
    successful tracks.

  14. Mysteryxbl94 says:

    This dude is Awesome!

  15. Paul Munro says:

    What I found useful is that if you have a series of 8-16 bar tracks combine
    them into a multi-track using volume fading at the end of each one. If this
    is a convoluted description (sorry my first language is Scottish 😉 I have
    a video lol

  16. Scott Stevenson says:

    Fantastic series, thanks !!!!! Why do i get stuck watching mixing technique
    tutes instead of this GOLD !

  17. sasavranic says:

    This is one of the most usefull and informative class I’ve seen over
    internet for last two years about producing… Thanks to SAE and Gregor for
    sharing knowledge with us for free.

  18. Sae Ljubljana says:

    @SoRusted Sorry to keep you up 😉 hehe

  19. bootr0s says:

    do i spot some blue sky?

  20. Peter Lasell says:

    thanks! music structure & theory are my huge shortcomings, duh!

  21. 23logaritam says:

    uuooouuu this guy is a part of Random Logic,cant believe…techno days 🙂

  22. Underview says:

    I watched the entire series and I got a lot out of it.

  23. MrShirial says:

    whats the equipment you need for starters? got an el piano atm ^^

  24. trexmatt says:

    This guy is awesome, thank you!

  25. Tifa music says:

    BIG Thanks !!!!!

  26. Metiri says:

    I sort them by genre, then by instrument, then by type. super organized x.x