Moog Animoog iPad / iOS Sound Design Video Tutorial Pt 2: Advanced Modulation + Routing

More info – In part two of a three-part tutorial on Moog’s Animoog iPad app, Dubspot Instructor Matt Cellitti shows you how to creatively use Animoog’s modulation parameters…



  1. Prad Ghosh says:

    How can I create a good lead or a bass sound that has low polyphony?

  2. Dark killeur 83 says:
  3. RoboticShovel says:


  4. supadupa555 says:

    dubspot kicks ass …. wish u guys were in India 🙁

  5. SIXELAUDIO says:

    This App made me buy an ipad..seriously good.

  6. lester rojas says:

    Very cool indeed. Nice vid! Thanks

  7. djtriple7 says:

    Great tutorial, thanks! Kinda sad that you had to call out who Keith
    Emerson was, but I understand… lol 😉

  8. Ian Wilson says:

    Really good tutorial – will help me loads in getting to grips with making
    my own sounds in this brilliant app. Many thanks.

  9. boyweed says:

    Great episode, Thanks a lot for this, I’ve been looking forward to it.. See
    you in pt3 😀

  10. Tim Pedersen says:

    This is the best app I’ve ever bought for the ipad. It’s soooooooo
    gooooooood. The audio, the visuals, the ease of use, it’s nuts good.

  11. zappzoe says:

    03:07 wooow. man that sounds amazing .. reminds me so much of nintendo

  12. roflbiscuit says:

    “Why don’t we hear anything Matt?”

  13. maayaa77 says:

    @VirtualMark2 you should get over your iPad is gimmicky shit fast – maybe
    buy one and find out instead of pushing out of date views – I use an iPad
    with a midi m-audio keyboard and sunrizer synth – if animoog was a dollar
    when it first sold and 100 000 people bought it – that’s some serious cash –

  14. VirtualMark says:

    @maayaa77 its not an outdated view, it looks like a toy to me. i have a
    5ghz quad core with 8gb ram, loaded with vst’s. i also have a virus ti.
    what’s outdated about that? i have a midi keyboard with sliders and knobs
    to control everything, what’s outdated there? i don’t want to use a tiny
    little touchscreen to make tunes on, i have dual 24inch lcd’s for that.
    hardly outdated, i just don’t see a need for an ipad.

  15. willsanquil says:

    @VirtualMark2 I use the ipads to manipulate ableton and different apps are
    amazing midi controllers. I have a full MIDI keyboard – but I don’t use it.
    The iPads are far superior for my needs. Between Touchable, Griid, Lemur,
    Animoog, iMS-20, SoundPrism…. Do you consider Omnisphere a kids toy? Look
    at the Omni TR and tell me that’s a kids toy. You’re a fool to think that
    there aren’t professional ipad apps out there. my 2 ipad +apc40 setup is
    incredibly fun and versatile 🙂

  16. VirtualMark says:

    @mediatesilent Any minor sounds sad, doesn’t really matter which key.

  17. Dubspot says:

    Thanks for watching!