MONARK: New Virtual Analog Synth from Native Instruments – Dubspot Video Preview

For more info: Dubspot brings you a sneak peek at Native Instruments’ newest software synthesizer, Monark: a re-creation of classic analog monosynths like the…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

In this episode of Dubspot’s Wireless interview series, Qween Beat founder and Fade To Mind artist MikeQ, a leading figure in the contemporary ballroom/vogue house scene, sits down with Dubspot…
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. Gaute Holen says:

    Great tutorial man! Btw Todd Terje is pronounced Todd TerYeah

  2. dj Royal Tee says:

    13:20 Yea, Todd Terje… is not Todd Terry

  3. MegaCrasher3000 says:

    There’s no point in using a VST synth over a comparable hardware synth
    unless the digital amenities really augment or enhance its usability. I
    don’t see why I should buy this plugin when I can just reach for my Sub
    Phatty and have real analog sound. Now, if they had thrown in polyphony,
    I’d be buying this thing as we speak. Can you recommend a good soft synth
    with a similarly simple, knobby GUI that will get me some nice VA

  4. kilon alios says:

    does not make me wanna sell my Andromeda, but it does sound very analogish
    for digital synth and I am very impressed it is made in Reaktor. Good demo
    for the true potential of Reaktor validating its place as king of synths.

  5. Tuyetmai Chau says:
  6. Ryan Bowkett says:

    Awsome video, I have just purchased complete ultimate 9 and can’t wait to
    use this synth after seeing this in depth review

  7. jotalink says:

    is there any way to map the snapshots or presets to a rotary control on my
    midi controller? Tx ;)

  8. H4NDCRAFTED says:

    Really I’m not an analogue die hard, and this sounds amazing, but it does
    sound pretty weedy next to the analogues I have. Still a superb sound in
    its own right and it has the tone and character down, but it does sound

  9. GreyThe SocarticGames says:

    I have had this for a while, and I used the bass and its not bad, but its
    not anything I’d compare to real analog.

  10. Jonathan Carroll says:

    8:48 Half Life 2 Strider.

  11. Almark says:

    Monark is one of the most analog sounding module and VST I’ve heard. It’s
    very pure sounding.

  12. Markus Arike says:

    The Preset named “Chicks” is likely named for Chick Corea, who is probably
    the best MiniMoog player ever. At least I hope it is. Chick has one named
    for him on the Moog Little Phatty, so why not Monark.

    Cool demo, thanks. 

  13. dermott o'donnell says:

    is that a native instruments keyboard or just a sticker? 

  14. rookie1024 says:

    6:42 I’m a programmer, and that core cell scares the heck out of *me* –
    because I know what stuff looks like in Reaktor.

  15. Jan-Christian Erichsen says:

    Hey Matt,
    I just wondered, what keyboard you’re using..
    Is it made by Native Instruments? (because of the logo)
    Im looking for a nice little midi-keyboard which is very minimalistic, if
    you know what i mean? are there any keyboards you prefer?

    – Jan

  16. Jordan Harris says:

    I love your videos Matt. You’re good at teaching and showing off different
    things. I love that you use Maschine to do everything because I’m the same

  17. JeremyMcElhone says:

    Wow, this opened my mind up quite a bit~ I had no idea this kind of
    dance/genre existed!

  18. Sam Stevens says:

    mikeQ is the truth.

  19. entyce66 says:

    nice segment

  20. KnockSquared says: true…I bet there are dance cultures that we have no idea exist.