Mixing & mastering using free VST plugins – part 1

Download ‘Ambience VST’ here: http://magnus.smartelectronix.com Get my latest sample pack “Snaredrum Collection Volume 1” with 198 hard and punchy snaredrums here: …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

It’s here! “The Funky Space Cadet EP” out now on Digital Whomp! You can grab your copy here: http://www.beatport.com/release/the-funky-space-cadet/1291711 “The Funky Space Cadet EP” on …
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. ARTFX STUDIOS says:

    I know you guys requested this: how to mix and master your music using free
    VST plugins! Part 1 is about reverb!

  2. Jonathan Fannin says:

    Thank You!!

  3. Furai47 says:

    1:39 Ah, the “taking all the keys out of your keyboard, leaving only one
    key left” technique a.k.a. “the Guetta”.
    I’m just joking of course. Very helpful video, you’ve helped me so much
    over the past 2 years and this video is just icing on the cake. :)

  4. Helicity Designs says:

    Thank you so much for another great vid, definitely going to grab ambience.

  5. Lemi Lems says:

    2:54 man the way u said that papen bright and long is so funny to me…that
    kinky bastard papen:DD

  6. Dallas N says:

    Hey man thanks for all your videos; they have helped me so much with my
    mixes. Also just curious, what microphone are you using in this video?

  7. Nox Official says:

    How do you make your synths sound like that? I am starting to produce more
    and more, still new at it. I rap mostly

  8. LuxorsWorld says:

    I’m having trouble opening the vst. I put it in the folder I have selected
    in Abletons preferences, but it won’t show up..

  9. Luis Miguel Fajardo says:

    Im having trouble opening the vst too.

  10. MisTa - T says:

    Love your accent 😉 

  11. InduktioPelailua says:

    I have maybe found best artist there is :3 And i maybe came in my pants
    when i heard this first time 😛 just a little :3 Second time it was more :D

  12. PYX3L8 says:

    so dope

  13. LEEdUdE says:

    Dude you should do a making of video, this song is dope!

  14. David Boura says:

    Excellent, and the Spectrum does half the job! (is it an AE plug or?)

  15. ARTFX STUDIOS says:

    “The Funky Space Cadet” out now on Digital Whomp. Grab your copy on

  16. Drcacawu says:

    This is a Masterpiece, and this isn’t even in your comfort zone! You went
    from House to Glitch Hop :)

  17. R3ach says:

    dat copyright sample tho

  18. R'enbe says:

    Awesomeness <3

  19. Rory McAlindon says:

    Why glitch hop so good if done properly?

  20. jojo DUB says:

    We finally have the Intro song to TutorialTuesday season 2 ^^

  21. Origami EDM says:

    nice one ARTFX!

  22. skateboa98 says:

    How about a Remix-Contest, you give the stems by a track and we make a
    remix… the winner gets like… idk… a pro account on your website or

  23. Noodleinjar says:

    This is ridiculously good.

  24. Exoro says:

    so that’s where the intro song came from… great track!

  25. DijiSynthA says:

    This is Ill with the sickness, You have gone a long way in your music bro,
    I hope to see you go far with it, Respect for the days and hard hours you
    put into sharing your knowledge with the world, Keep on rocking the sound
    systems ARTFX you got this shit on lock, Peace

  26. Message Gaming says:

    Sub under bassline = 10x better track.

  27. cantbbothered2addvid says:

    Was the visuals created using After Effects? Just wanted to know 🙂 The
    song is amazing btw, can’t stop listening to it!

  28. Nsquared says:


  29. JRR404 says:


  30. Charlie Everingham says:


  31. ohohlikeyeahnstuff says:

    I really like this song man but can’t help but notice “Cadet” is pronounced

    You are saying it like “Cah-dit” when it should be “Cah-det” so it should
    in sense rhyme with “A wet”.