Mixing And Mastering A Track From Scratch [Part 02]

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  1. Stanislav Didenko says:

    God bless you Man for your tutorials!

  2. Mark ass trick says:

    Great videos bro! been watching regularly for the past few weeks

  3. Niall Mac Giolla Rua says:

    Great tutorial. The principles apply to any decent software.

  4. Thomas Garcia says:

    track name?

  5. andey sun says:

    you should talk more about where your levels should be or something lol

  6. Robert Batson says:

    You are the Bob Ross of mixing tutorials.

  7. arpodyssey1 says:

    sounds like Jesse from mstrkrft…

  8. Niccolo Patricio says:

    do you use battery or reaktor? ur tutorials are pimp

  9. monsterjazzlicks says:

    Thanks a lot Toxi.


    would it be wrong to rolloff these 30hz at first before the comp?

  11. theworldfamousz says:

    Very usefull. Thanks!

  12. Christian Angelo Nilsén says:

    This frees up alot of processing ower for your heavy duty master plugins.
    Also again you have zero problems with any kind of sync problems. I
    personally find the master to even sound better when bounced (always use
    24-bit 44-48khz).

  13. Christian Angelo Nilsén says:

    I guess PSP adds overtones/Harmonics, sweet to the ear. You should try
    Slate VTM…. sent from heaven.

  14. monsterjazzlicks says:

    Do the Maximizers and Limiters only come at the end stage ?? What i mean
    is, you don’t apply either of these 2 x FX to individual instrument tracks
    (like as a Send or Insert) ??

  15. xXAjaxXx says:

    Nice video, harder to find videos just about mixing/mastering.