Minimal Techno Kick & Bass Made Extremely Easy

Sample Packs, Banks, Project Files & Playlists here: Support the channel with a donation Paypal: Follo…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Sample Packs, Banks, Project Files & Playlists here: Support the channel with a donation Paypal: Follo…
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. DarmonProductions says:

    how do you copy the fades to the other samples so quickly?

  2. Joffrey Cesbron says:

    wow never seen this tip before it’s amazing thanks

  3. Anthony Swaggerson says:

    how do you have maschine routed with ableton? i wanna route mine 

  4. Julian Burreci says:

    br0 u just blew my mind.

  5. Ganjazz says:

    awesome <3 thanx

  6. ppshute says:

    Thanks dude! your videos are the best!

  7. itsR4YG says:

    can you make one like this in reason 7? or just explain a bit more about
    the auto filtering for the bass?

  8. carlstafariah says:


  9. Flippy1565 says:


  10. AvoiderMusic says:

    Has anyone else noticed a delay in sound when watching these videos?

  11. Starcz5 says:

    Like if it wasn’t easy enough already :p

  12. Roman Khodakovsky says:

    This is freaking awesome, thank you…!

  13. snilit says:

    Lovely tip!

  14. BrandonL says:


  15. Benjamin Baja says:

    Great video! Instant suscribe 🙂

  16. Howard Lovecraft says:

    HAHA all you daft punk nut huggers get rekt

  17. Trilby McTip says:

    Redditor here! This goes to show that all things considered ‘art’ can be
    broken down into a simple set of mathematical formulae. As a corollary, one
    could deduce that the whole concept of art is a fabrication to entertain
    the minds of simple plebs. That is why I prefer to exercise any artistic
    talent I have in engineering cat memes over at Reddit.

    – Trilby McTip, Redditor and Euphoric Intellect

  18. SadowickProduction says:

    All these comments and no one else also likes blue….

  19. Douglas Ernest says:

    Could anybody post a source that says that Thomas ACTUALLY said that? Like
    an interview? Not saying that they didn’t use these samples, nor do I think
    that it is bad to use samples. I just do not believe that he actually said

  20. Granbanan says:

    Look at my profile picture. i think that most people who watch this will
    have the same expression. “i dont understand it” but its pretty cool

  21. Rob Cartwright says:

    The final result is wrong, but the concept is correct. Overall, very
    helpful tutorial for people trying to understand sampling.

  22. Kombaiyashii says:


    but what’s the big deal if the’ve made it into something completely

  23. heywhatsup65 says:

    Someone explain whats going on?

  24. Mitchell Sheppard says:

    At what point does your absolute manipulation of someone else’s work stop
    being their work? When I make knives I’m not expected to credit bohler
    uddeholm for making the steel. If I take a product and rework it to be an
    entirely different product it is no longer the original product. Taking
    this approach allows more products to be made, and artists or businesses to
    thrive, not fewer. We should consider this when talking about the state of
    copyrights in music, film or literature. 

  25. Dennis Cao says:

    You’re a big fat phony!! Hey everyone! Daft Punk is a phony! Nah, I’m just
    kidding. But seriously, Daft Punk you should credit samples.

  26. Gregg Sonic says:

    For a major electronic act like Daft Punk to actually say they did not rip
    the samples and make a major hit out of it is a joke. ViVa Prodigy and
    invaders must die!!!

  27. Chad DeVore says:

    If Daft punk sampled this, then my high school band sampled the g-scale
    whenever we played a song. 

  28. Conor Dyer says:

    the thing with daft punk is they write their songs but since they dont play
    the guitar in their songs they take their ‘chord sounds’ from samples to
    play the chord sequence they have writen. they had to write the song then
    add the specific sound they wanted as the chords


    copy paste copy paste.