Making Kicks that SLAM in FL Studio

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  1. Kaleb Wheatley says:

    Tip: NEVER use soundgoodizer if you want professional sounding music. 

  2. Luis Torres says:

    First tut that actually helped a lot

  3. Kyle Fisher says:

    awesome tutorial. i hate when people go WAYYYY to into detail. haha this is
    awesome. simple yet informative. keep it up

  4. Adrian Witherspoon says:


  5. Brandon Johnson says:


  6. Omar Muhmmad says:

    Oh nice 

  7. ghost6faze says:


  8. William Fletcher says:

    We will try to put together a tutorial for that soon. One thing to try is
    layering your snare with other snares or claps. Layering with a clap can
    add some body to the snare. Also using EQ sparingly can help. You might
    want to try a slight boost on the snare around 2.5k Hz to get a little more

  9. AirsoftReportDE says:

    awesome thx 😀

  10. cooldude12345657 says:

    how do you get your snare snappy and hit hard ?