Making An Acid Techno Start To Finish

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  1. Lemi Lems says:

    39:17 lol! :DDD

  2. SadowickProduction says:
  3. Peter Konig says:

    Do you put the finished track anywhere for us to check out? You don’t seem
    to play the finished piece at the end of your vids. Kind of disappointing
    after sitting here for an hour. Good stuff though.

  4. l2everse says:

    Nice vid, just one question. Do you buy all your samplepacks? And where do
    you get them?

  5. riskybiscutz says:

    i can hear you swallow… O_O

  6. Pavel Slim says:


  7. james fletcher says:

    Keep the good work up mate! you have taught me many things

  8. Noctis Futuris says:

    Awesome dude. Just starting to learn the basics of Ableton, and you’ve been
    a great help!

  9. Mineral Waters says:

    what’s that bongo drum sound pack? 

  10. CRIS FERN says:

    who do you always put your Ratio at 10 on your compressors? Ive never seen
    anyone do that before and you never explain why. 

  11. Cesar Moreno says:

    Hey Sadowick just wondering if you can or were thinking of doing more of
    those mixing/mastering reviews from more well known/mainstream songs?
    Really enjoyed your thoughts on the last one you did and would like to hear
    more, thanks for all the awesomeness!

  12. Inquisitor Prime says:

    Got a Volca Bass at a local (non chain) guitar shop in Kingston (Ontario) =/

    I guess you BC cats don’t get the Volca’s ;)