Making a Bassline using FM Synthesis, Resampling and Repitching

In this video I explain how to make a bassline using a technique where you re-sample your synthesized bassline an octave or two above where it should be, the…
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Project HBC Tutorial - Frequency Modulation and FM Synthesis in MaxMSP

Description – Project HBC tutorial for creating a basic FM synthesizer within the MaxMSP programming environment. This tutorial shows you how to build a Freq…
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  1. Will Sinks says:

    Hey Cosm – what’s the program you use for capturing your videos and getting
    it to automatically apply the bottom keypresses? That’s really useful!

  2. rawstarmusic says:

    You make some serious videos, 1 hour long. Your workflow is so fast that
    you can put on the screenflow while working normally:) Your SO good at
    Ableton, just Cosm us.

  3. rickrukkus says:

    great tutorial Cosm learned alot :)

  4. nicklandovich says:

    Big thanks Tom. I was about sick to death of hearing other information
    types end with “now just resample to make it really crazy” and leave me
    hanging. Glad I was able to see it in actual practice and some fuzziness
    was cleared up. Keep it up mang.

  5. 187onaPigeon says:

    Very very nice vid. Def one of my favorites. Thanks man! I will try this.

  6. Brett Hender says:

    Great tute Tom. I finally get FM Synthesis. 🙂 Cheers.

  7. Nazar Nikolaev says:

    Reverse reverb on bass is really amazing! )

  8. James Faulder says:

    lol Tom Cosm is the 1 person in the world you’d least expect to be stumped
    by ableton adding a load of random effects, maybe it was just trying to
    help. The first 10mins should be a seperate video called ‘Tom tryies to
    make a bassline but can’t help from giving an in-depth FM synthesis
    tutorial’. Great video, thanks so much

  9. RavJ says:

    Hi – is that operator synth only part of Ableton Suite?

  10. André Édipo says:

    The “new audio track” must have these effects as default. You must’ve saved
    it without noticing.

  11. Simon De Thuin says:

    Hi Tom! I already had that bug. Actualy there’s a “gost” selection on the
    effects, so when you clicked on the limiter it also launched all the effect
    before it (look how they are all in alphabetical order). Nice video though

  12. MinecraftBysup69 says:


  13. ProjectHBC says:

    Hi my font is called Code Light.

  14. Jackie Wong says:

    thanks for the answer:)