Mac vs PC For Music Production – My 2 Cents

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  1. H-Town Finest says:

    Every major recording studio uses Mac. fact

  2. Holden Brumm says:


  3. Vince nt says:

    “it was fucking holy shit mode” xD

  4. Zemmel zem says:

    I produce for while and real ease. Worked for years whit pc, own now a mac
    book pro, use it much for live on stage. Yes the macbook pro is nice on
    stage, cause the battery life, and flip open and close and all works and
    booth. But i guess its the sam on windows..

    YOUR MUSIC IS NOT GONNA SOUND BETTER 😀 doenst fucking matter what you use.
    Macs are expansive, and give you some luxury. But i guess today there are
    enough ultra books do the same job. But to come to that point a good ultra
    book is still expansive if its mac or not, all bit the same price range.

  5. DGV says:

    I love your videos so far. I’m new to the channel, but I realize that you
    have a lot of these vlogs or whatever you would call them. They’re nice to
    listen to when multitasking. :)

  6. Jacob Bennett says:

    You did, its fine bro, these people are fucking dramatic

  7. Artic2k says:

    2001 Macbook Pro 😀

  8. Conor O'Neill says:

    hah cheers =)

  9. gamecat666 says:

    /cancels justinbeiber.exe download…

  10. Greyscalesound says:

    Thanks for this video dude

  11. Marc Atkins says:

    you’re comparing a 2001 mac book pro to your half a decade old pc tower?
    your 2001 mac book pro is OOOOOLLLLLLLDDDD! it’s 12 years dead dude… I
    agree you can run ableton live on poth platforms no worries but i’ve had 4
    macs now 2 laptops an iMac and a pro tower and if you have the money
    they’re great really stable… no issues and I have many friends that run
    with mac too….

  12. KevWest Beats says:

    I agree. Windows 7 is great. I wish I could find my disk for it

  13. 10Cicegim says:

    i say go for the pc, you can always update your parts. macs are so old if
    you go for the parts. there is a new mac pro but that forches you to use
    thunderbolt. if you still want to use logic etc etc build a hackintosh but
    never a mac from the shop

  14. 10Cicegim says:

    and the driver issues people had, is because they cant read. you need to
    install vista on a fresh new computer not on a pc that you had for like 8
    years thats what the problems people had

  15. SociologyProject2010 says:

    indeed you did ha

  16. Bogdan Serban says:

    I had a macbook air and I can say I’ll never use an Apple product again.
    Terrible build quality, hinges broke, the CPU would heat up until the
    system became unusable and after an year or so the battery simply turned
    into a balloon. I’ve always been a PC guy, although I hate Windows. I can
    customize it the way I like and look for beast deals when it comes to
    components. I hope someday Linux will become a serious production platform.

  17. GeForce2600 says:

    A pro for Macs would be that Apple changes broken things in a Mac for free
    even after the warranty is over. You just have to talk with them. Something
    in the display-panel of my Computer was broken and the whole left side was
    dark and it would be very expensive to repair it but they did it for free.
    So now I’m happy to have a new display for free 🙂