[Live] Xfer Records Serum – My First Time Use

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This is a MIDI based, arpeggiator and chord player from the same developers who brought us Nerve and the LFO Tool. Watch In HD!
Video Rating: 3 / 5



  1. SadowickProduction says:
  2. Alexander Odintsov says:

    Do you recommend it?

  3. Edward Fisher says:

    is this out yet? 

  4. Karinzio says:

    +Marco Princivalle 

  5. LATRONNIK says:

    how do you got it btw? it doesn’t show up for me when i look on the xfer

  6. kevo8t6 says:

    what the feck man i can never catch u online on twitch, it fucking sucks
    since u left youtube!

  7. Frank Stein says:

    Sadowick can you make a list of the plugins you use?

  8. Miklós Németh says:

    How do you record your casts,

  9. mrsarun says:

    Heard “Dragondropping” xD 0:45

  10. marelld says:

    Is he ghost producer?

  11. Jason Gibbins says:

    Where did you get the manual?

  12. jake woodall says:

    Hey man was there an fx version? so you can just use the filters / fx etc
    to process audio?

  13. Ian Manes says:

    you’ve pushed me over that last 30% convincing i needed to get this.

  14. Robo Lepro says:

    +Steve Duda You did an amazing job with Serum!!! I would totally get it but
    sadly i don’t have to money to get it :'(. I wish you good luck for the
    future Steve :)

  15. Ian Manes says:

    wow man its really cool that duda came to your stream.

  16. Robo Lepro says:

    Ableton sometimes just randomly tells you to re-authorize it again.
    Deadmau5 and Kill The Noise got it before.

  17. Michal Malczyk says:

    What’s up with the dislikes? wierd..

  18. Mr Jameson says:

    i can’t understand why i can’t get it to work. i did everything as you
    showed but for some reason, it wont work. any ideas?

  19. Kevin Sierra says:

    Heyy i cant get the presets to show up on my cthulhu can anyone help?