Lets Remix – Savant – Survive [Part 1]

Sample Packs, Banks, Project Files & Playlists here: http://www.sadowickproduction.com/ Support the channel with a donation Paypal: http://goo.gl/VIITd Follo…

Sample Packs, Banks, Project Files & Playlists here: http://www.sadowickproduction.com/ Support the channel with a donation Paypal: http://goo.gl/VIITd Follo…
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  1. hiZeph says:

    would love to see you win the contest

  2. Ash7r4y says:

    The vocal sounds offbeat, when i remixed it, I put the vocal a little
    before the chords hit. Sounded soo much better

  3. Ryan Earwood says:

    Out of curiosity, is there a specific reason you choose to route the audio
    and print it in real time as opposed to Ableton’s wonderful Freeze &
    Flatten tools? They save tons of time. If you freeze the MIDI track, create
    a new audio track and Ctrl+drag the frozen MIDI track to it, and voila,
    it’s audio! You still retain the midi and VI data on the original frozen
    track, just unfreeze it.

  4. SINNIK Dubstep says:

    As per usual, I could only go an hour before being so INSPIRED that I had
    to goto Ableton and make music! Love your style Sadowick!

  5. psynapsurfa technoshaman says:

    I am guessing this is the track you started working on inthe livestream
    that i followed for a while today? is this correct.
    Even though i am not into this euphoric club trance stuff, you did amazing
    work with it, and learn a lot from it..
    well done… 

  6. DJ SIMORON says:

    Hallo Sadowick …
    Great remix … I love it ..
    I was thinking if you whould sell the Full project as a project for study
    at home, and lerning our self?


  7. James R says:

    Where do we get the stems?

  8. Joel Alati says:

    What sort of lead is that at 48:40 ?

  9. Allan Alks says:

    “They are breaking down your Daw!”

  10. Abhinav a.k.a Demkeys says:

    You’re teaching style is nice.

  11. AytotheM M. says:

    love your tutorial it was really helpful….understand things i didnt 20
    min ago!

  12. momas24 says:

    Love your tutorials man,they are a huge help :)

  13. Ricky Lawrence says:

    I went from zero to ready to arrange in ableton live on 30day trial, in
    just 4days with your teaching. #brillant 

  14. Anass Issiali says:

    I can’t find the EQ Eight effect … I searched on my files and the EQ
    Eight.adv is missing I guess … I need help

  15. Ned Frankly says:

    I just got my APC40 and yours was the upteenth Ableton tutorial I found
    (and your series is the best of the donation-supported or otherwise free

    Your style is laid back and very informal, but I must say that I’ve learned
    a great deal from you, and I’ve come to appreciate the stream of thought
    lesson format. You teach in the way the product flows, so when I finish
    one of the lessons it’s pretty easy to go right into Ableton and duplicate
    what you just taught. I’ve done that with every lesson so far, and I’ve
    been amazed at how quickly I’ve picked it up. It’s an intimidating piece
    of software, but you manage to deliver solid lessons that actually work
    when you try them. Bravo, and I can’t wait to finish the series.

  16. Miguel Angel Calvillo says:

    awesome! i never actually used a producing software before so you can
    understand how lost i was in the subject… but your videos have a lot of
    info and very usefull tips, how to solve problems you stumble upon and
    stuff, so yea, thank you very much, bro!

  17. Arun Singh says:

    how do i get a copy of your template? +SadowickProduction 

  18. kyle budd says:

    I’ve been watching and creating along with these tutorials since the first
    one. I switched over from FL studio and when I first opened Live I was
    completely lost. I’ve learned a lot so far and intend on continuing to
    watch these. 

  19. Andrew Mocol says:

    do you accept bitcoin tips?

  20. Miguel Svs says:

    Thanks for your tutorials.

    Regards from Portugal

  21. AionDrive says:

    you helping me a LOT!

  22. chelosegui says:

    Hey, that’s a great way to put it, will be checking more of your videos,
    also pass by Paypal…

  23. Marcos A Cruz Santos says:

    Just started working with Ableton Live 9. This was very helpful. Keep it
    up man.

  24. North East says:

    Ok you just made so many things so clear while not knowing other basic
    ideas/terms of other parts of music…. And this makes it just that much
    better. Its nice to see somebody giving out solid knowledge without being
    super pretentious about it. Thank you!!! 

  25. Adam Gill says:

    Just started learning Ableton – used to use Sonar X2 – I think Ableton
    really a better tool for creativity …. can still compose in traditional
    way .. Your tutorials are full of useful info .. even though you add it
    sometimes by the way …

  26. David Ogilvie says:

    Good stuff. Liking the definitions and examples.

  27. Kevin Benitez says:

    Haha this guy… Amazing tutorials, thank you kind sir

  28. Daniel Bass says:

    Thank you so much for providing these tutorials! Luv chu

  29. Reef Foolled says:

    I must watch this tut again, bc I`ve some problems wit understanding
    compressors and EQ 😀 , but you are THE BIGGEST ! Much Thanks for your
    jobs on YT !! 

  30. Grayson Whitehair says:

    Your tutorials are amazing and easy to understand because of your
    down-to-earth personality and teaching style. Really helpful, thanks.

  31. Jason Haynes says:

    Great tutorials! I’ve tried things on my own before these tutorials and
    heard things in my music that I didnt know how to correct. After listening
    to you, things are starting to make a lot more sense. You talk with
    patients and humility, just like you are sitting right beside me. Thank

  32. Aaron James says:

    HUGE thank you. Really enjoying your dry humour and you explain things
    really nicely… Double plus good. 

  33. Salva García says: