Let’s remix – Garfield’s big, fat, hairy deal

With this, season 4 and 2010 draw to an end. Let’s ring out the changes with a cute remix from a dumb game.
Video Rating: 5 / 5



  1. CPCGamer says:

    @LarryBundyJr Most of the music I upload is made by other people, I’m just
    sharing it with the world so they can hear what the CPC/C64 had to offer. I
    do upload some of my own music, but I’ll explicitly say in the video
    description that it’s mine. In fact, I have an original piece to be
    uploaded in a couple of days. So stick about.

  2. Larry Bundy Jr says:

    @CPCGamer Ah aweet, Yeah I knew you were a rather good remixer yourself, I
    was just curious. Is this theme from Overclocked? I just really like the
    theme, sort of reminds me of music you get in Little Big Planet.

  3. Crowley9 says:

    This game is dumb? I rather enjoyed playing it on the C64 back in the day.

  4. mynameisleeyesitis says:

    This was an annoying but to be fair avoidable fate 😛 Good remix though,
    thanks for sharing!

  5. CPCGamer says:

    @Crowley9 I didn’t like the fact you would spontaneously devour key items
    crucial to progression. I still carry this chip on my shoulder.

  6. Larry Bundy Jr says:

    Do you make these remixes dude?

  7. CPCGamer says:

    @mak7070 They made two; Big fat hairy deal and A winters tail. They weren’t
    the best in the world, but they were fun in small doses. The first game had
    a fun soundtrack, though.

  8. fakeier niame says:

    a Garfeild CPC game ?

  9. Larry Bundy Jr says:

    I just like the fact it sounds like a song by The Go Team! 😀

  10. Steven Rose says:

    Hey, this should be Garfield’s theme in the cartoons!