Lets Remix – Donkey Kong Country – Aquatic Ambiance [Bass Downtempo Experiment/No Commentary]

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  1. Donic Musik says:

    Why do you always use premade percussion loops and don’t make your own?
    You can do much better loops, when you’re creating them yourself.

  2. 13mcuan says:

    man how you make that curve on the envelope?

  3. friður says:

    What drum kit are you using in the video around 11:24?

  4. Frost says:

    Dude this is really beautiful!! I would have put more percussion and some
    sub drive behind it. But very great ;)

  5. gctrek2 says:

    Remixing videogame songs is a cool idea keep it up

  6. Sykotix says:

    Man this is fantastic. Download link up soon?

  7. Bobby Fohrenbach says:

    really nice

  8. SadowickProduction says:
  9. NeyProdTv says:

    Bro, how old are you? I fucking love this piece. I have the sheet music and
    everything haha.
    You sir have good taste in music. 

  10. Gmol1 says:

    Wow dude, you killed it! This is imho the best remix you’ve done.

  11. Dj Prince says:

    do you post these finished projects anywhere specific?

  12. cethina fourtwentyfourseven says:

    nice downtempo jam, your best remix imo