Laidback Luke: Creating a Track in Ableton Live (Dancefair Ibiza 2014)

Laidback Luke creates a track live in front of the Dancefair Ibiza 2014 audience. Learn more about our Ableton courses here :: Point Blank…



  1. Felippe Senne says:

    This terrible melody that random guy played is killing me, LOL

  2. Music Production Tutorials says:

    The crowd asks for Deep House and he convinces everyone through hypnosis
    that it is in fact ‘Future House’ that they asked for. This guy should get
    into politics.

  3. John Bissonnette says:

    Man everybody is such a pro in the comments. Interesting to see that he
    does all the same things I try and do to make a track. The only thing I
    need to figure out is how to get my tracks to commercial loudness. I mean
    with out completely destroying the dynamics. This is the puzzle I can’t
    unlock. I think they all have pro engineers finishing their tracks. I want
    to take an online electronic music mastering course. 

  4. sheatheman says:

    You have to make a patch that speaks to you before you attempt to form it
    into a melody. Trying to make something with a plain saw wave is a terrible

  5. chris combe says:

    this is not even close to deep house.. thanks for the video but not my kind
    of jam

  6. Richard van Heerde says:

    the foundation of a track is the kick… few seconds later i alwas steal
    my kicks :weird: so the daundation of ure tracks are by 3s?

  7. Kombo Breaker says:

    Points off for this video. Really bad choice of seminar to broadcast. I
    would recommend broadening your taste in music. There is more to
    “electronic” music than 128. I would hope that a school with much
    excitement that it seems to have for the music, would show its excitement
    by giving us more than untz untz untz. Take care

  8. Ernest Mirosław Dobrowolski Dueńas says:

    well first of all no hate on this ;p its pretty much what a pro would do
    with synths or with external uad and diferent oscilators…simplicity is
    the key so he was not givin a lot of fucks about processing the sound
    better but i like the fact he was focusing on ending this concept of a
    track as quickly as possible…anyway i think the music production as a
    seminar was kind of a fail cause of the short period of time..i watched
    another seminar of another artist and he showed how he made one track in
    Ableton (of course was an end product so it was plesant for the ears) but
    was not as cool as starting an idea from 0…i say if you want to show ppls
    how to make a track and a decent one you should make it 101 and with more
    time, anyway a think it was really cool to aloud folks to trow ideas out
    there, peace

  9. Ian Hill says:

    for being random this video is awesome. its all about experimenting and
    having fun. in the end he did well with what everyone else contributed.

  10. Fre3 Fly says:

    Stop critiquing the melody! It’s just a random song that a random guy made
    in 10 seconds. We have to appreciate Laidback Luke for being spontaneous
    and the fact that he can take any melody and turn it into a good track in a
    matter of minutes. 

  11. TIM JACKMAN says:

    woah! This guy sucks really at production! Dunno why he accepted this to
    happen really… he just made a fool out of himself…

  12. Matthew Carter says:

    Honestly we need more producers to teach us how ‘not’ to rip off a sound.

    I understand it was just a quick track class but still. We gotta teach each
    other something new not copy. In my humble opinion. 🙂 

  13. Pri yon Joni says:

    I was excited for a week to watch this. Then it got to the part where the
    dude played the horrible melody so I skipped ahead to see if it went
    anywhere awesome. I saved myself 32 minutes.

  14. Uriel Kosovo says:

    Everyone in the comments think they can create such an amazing tracks yet
    they’re not famous, wonder why? 

  15. RagingKage says:

    That lead is atrocious. I can’t believe he didn’t try fixing it.

  16. Adam Aach says:

    This was awful and you should feel bad. I wasted 40mins to SOUND LIKE I

  17. Avalanche says:

    Was the ghost producer thing a joke? I thought it was at first but then
    there was just silence 

  18. Marc Atkins says:

    He’s AMAZING!
    So hands up who wants to make;
    DIRTY DUTCH? – shit no one
    SWEDISH HOUSE? – Balls no one wants to make that either but then we did
    really rinse that genre…. :-/ (Your fault AokiI!!)
    (i’d better say deep house as its the buzz word of the moment)
    DEEP HOUSE? – oh crap everyone put there hands up!
    Tell you what guys even though you wanted Deep House lets make….. FUTURE
    HOUSE? See what I did there? I came up with something I can actually do…
    its a mixture of DIRTY DUTCH and SWEDISH HOUSE with a RHODES added in to
    make you think its deep house, though its just the same old crap i’ve been
    making for years….. just with a different name….

    I wouldn’t bother with TECHNO son, even if you think its so easy, you’ll
    probably end up with a TB303 acid line over the top of a Robin S vocal!!!

  19. Yooka Kim says: