Introducing Dubspot Kids DJ / Producer Program – Learn to Create and Play Music

More info: At Dubspot we believe in opening the doors to musical exploration for young people–providing kids with the tools to …
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In this tutorial DJ Endo, Traktor Pro guru, Native Instruments product specialist and Dubspot Instructor will discuss how to prepare your tracks in Traktor u…
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. PhoenixAnimation Blue says:

    Ahh i wish this was in britain! :(

  2. John P says:

    Great, now im competing with 8 year olds

  3. MCilluV says:

    You guys NEEEEEED to put a dubspot in Vancouver. My life would be complete.

  4. GLiTcH says:

    Wish my school was like this..

  5. L30ns... says:

    Scratching is like the worst technique in the hole DJ world … I don’t
    know much about DJ-ing but i know alot about producing music and even if I
    had the opportunity I wouldn’t even think about putting such a stupid sound
    into my song 😀

    what’s your opinion ?

  6. Jose Quintanilla says:

    Introducing Dubspot Kids DJ / Producer Program – …:

  7. Adrian Alexander says:

    this is the best dj school

  8. kenth glore says:

    i want to be a dj producer too like skrillex and zedd…. but im in

  9. Márcio Antônio says:

    could have this in Brazil also

  10. DJ Aero says:

    Most of these people are black

  11. The Unknown Player says:

    What that use serato traktor and reason and all I can have is traktor and
    not even decks 

  12. Pri yon Joni says:

    This beats that hipster girl and her Baby DJ School.

  13. Aboood Murad says:

    wish that you can help me ??

  14. SYDD Msic says:

    is this for real? 


    ok im a 14 year old and i want to be a dj and a producer like martin garrix
    hardwell ect would you take me in …pls reply dubspot,


    man I wish they would build a dubspot in Houston tx would love to put my
    son in this program keep up the good work dubspot

  17. Master Gaming says:

    this looks sooooooooo fun

  18. Brother Wolf says:

    I always teach my students to trust their ears first beside what does
    traktor or serato says … Ear beat griding is essential a must for any dj
    analog or digtal 

  19. Filip Clarke says:

    Great tutorial, Is this why my songs won’t kick in on the cue point I have
    set? It’s strange because they work fine on Traktor on my iPhone, it just
    goes wrong when I link it to my S2 or my Mac book pro to my s2. Is this all
    I need to do? It made my Mac crash 3 times last night

  20. Adam Dunkley says:

    What if loads of songs are out of sync – do you have to do this for every
    single song?

  21. rorz999 says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much!

  22. alberto matos says:

    hello, can you explane me how can i remove beat markes that i put by error?

  23. drumcode420 says:

    @DubSpot the BMP bending option, you can see it on the deck lay out right
    below the BPM indicator, the buttons with arrows left and right.

  24. Endo says:

    @nyceyes In this case, you would use the BOTTOM 2 beatgrid buttons to move
    the lines closer and farther apart from each other (which also fixes the
    BPM reading). But only do this if its perfect at the beginning and then
    goes off. Once you have the beginning (and groovy part of the beginning of
    the record) matched, leave the top two buttons alone.

  25. Endo says:

    You don’t have to, but it will help you get your mixes PERFECTLY in sync.
    Traktor’s beatgridding algorithm is SUPER accurate but its not perfect. I
    trust my ears over a computer any day.

  26. Endo says:

    @marceloneri Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the tutorial. More coming soon!

  27. Endo says:

    @thephaseshifter Yes, this is when you would use the Bottom 2 beatgrid
    buttons. Also make sure your BPM detection is set correctly in preferences
    – file management. That way the BPM’s will be detected correctly. You can
    also use the reset button to re calculate the BPM (just in case you
    analyzed it incorrectly in older – less accurate versions of Traktor)

  28. Endo says:

    @Andreilg3 Thats like saying that because the waveforms are lined up in
    serato the beats are perfectly matched. Listen I won’t argue with you, I do
    this for a living. Trust me, doing it by ear is the right way to get your
    beatgrids 100% accurate. After a while you start to develop an ear for it
    and all of your grids will be 100% accurate. If you rely on the waveform
    your metronome won’t match up with the groove of the record sometimes and
    your syncing won’t work correctly.

  29. Endo says:

    @TheKon1 Yes, that is the point of the lock icon. It will save the Traktor
    information (beatgrids, cue’s, loops etc) to the file itself so you can
    send it to another traktor user and they will have all of your beatgrids

  30. Ridgeleyy says:

    So you have to do this with every song?