Igloofest 2015: Music Production Tips from the Biggest Names in Techno

Tiga, M.A.N.D.Y., M A N I K, Luciano, Dubfire and Cassy share tips on production, the perfect track, and why mastering is important for your music. Great music tips and tricks set to music…
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  1. TIM JACKMAN says:

    whats the track? sick tune´╗┐

  2. LANDR Music says:
  3. vato gomareli says:

    nice video bro, thanks for sharing your mind <3´╗┐

  4. Marshal Mateys says:

    I know this sounds bad but I produce my best after a couple cigs´╗┐

  5. Zeissler Music says:

    I just make music at night.´╗┐

  6. Evan Phillips says:

    Good video. The best songwriting/ producing tips seem to be the simplest

  7. Oaken Penance says:

    OR! Make sure your distractions are at least productive, i.e., practicing
    violin scales while listening to a video about songwriting/production tips.


  8. Chris Rhux says:

    i do the humming notes into my phone lol i thought it was weird´╗┐

  9. Quizy Boii says:

    Nice video bro I could really use these tips I make music +Quizy Boii ´╗┐

  10. AJ Clay says:

    Good tips man´╗┐

  11. Gregory Allen Mansheim says:

    I just subcribed to this YouTube channel.
    Hold back for 2 weeks and put it out of your mind.
    If you still think it’s awesome…go for it!´╗┐

  12. Cynthia Kahn says:

    Common sense tips for music production.
    6 Music Production / Songwriting Tips!´╗┐

  13. Charlie says:

    you have such a pleasant talking voice´╗┐

  14. UniQ Guru Spaz says:

    Thanks for the tips bro. and the voice note thing…. your a genius!!! ­čśÇ
    Why Didn’t I think of that!?! ­čśÇ All blesses to you bro and namaste!

  15. Amused Now says:

    Want to be ready when inspiration hits? Must see tips for music production.
    6 Music Production / Songwriting Tips!´╗┐

  16. Voschdasirup says:

    Great Tips.
    Funny though that he talks about getting distracted by the social networks
    and stuff and i’m sitting here watching this video…. ^^´╗┐