How To Use Sylenth 1 For The Begginner Part 1

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Video Rating: 4 / 5 for more useful fun!
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. Danny Hahn says:

    whow you are soooooooo slow and confused while talking. really annoying.
    drink some coffee and red bulls next time you make a video, holy moly..
    Wanna learn, wanna learn wanna learn fast…..

  2. AtlantaDanTV says:

    I agree with Geno Pierpoint…. Think he said it best :-)… I’m guessing
    you live with you parents and it’s late at night…. Hey, not Hating
    here… I Love Haters! But, I may be wrong… but when you say “as a
    student” I’m guessing High School? Anyways, keep up the work learning ALL
    these synths and DAWs… when you become PRO… you will be expected to
    know all this S#!T.. good luck my friend (?)…..

  3. Edward Saenz says:

    Where it says “MENU” in the middle and then under it, it lists “distort”
    “EQ” etc. mine says “Parameter” instead of “MENU.” Does anyone know how to
    change that?

  4. Geno Pierpoint says:

    You sound like a 17 year old high-school cat that’s talking to a bitch on
    the phone for the first time.. So I only got the first 20 seconds in..

  5. Neko says:

    help please i dont have that menu button so i cant make sounds from scratch
    how do i get that menu button?

  6. Drew Irwin says:

    Is there a way to reset the knobs to default position?

  7. Nathan Leman says:

    can anyone shed more light on the stereo knob? :)

  8. Ivan Idsinga says:

    I fell asleep, this guy speaks very sloooow. 8 minutes further and nothing
    wiser I killed the video… Boring

  9. EssentialAudioMedia says:

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  10. Carl Jung-Hoon Hillman says:

    Seriously dude u suck at explaining

  11. sheriden murphy says:

    Sylenth is the most over promoted and over rated synth ever. You can get
    Synthmaster, all their presets are ready to go sounds and theres no need
    for ‘tweaking’ when a vst is good as it is. Check out synthmaster you can
    get it for less than a hundred bucks. Used by Axwell, Zedd and Armin.

  12. Albertoshamo says:

    What is RETRIG button in the Oscillators? Thanks!

  13. Dylan Levine says:

    great video 

  14. Kevin Muilwijk says:

    how come i don’t have the same screen if i open Sylenth?

  15. R'enbe says:

    That intro doe..

  16. Ba Bene says:

    for what it’s worth the way you describe the audio routing is not quite
    accurate. outputs of the two oscillators on each part are added together,
    and run into the filter section A and/or B. The output from the filters get
    shaped by the amplitude envelope. master effects from the center screen are
    applied and the audio output is sent to the host.

  17. Daniel Le Couilliard says:

    I love the description from 12:07 onwards!

  18. 77richiec says:

    Keep up the good work mate, helping me alot! I for one like the laid back
    style, kinda what I would sound like if I knew this stuff and tried to
    record me explaining it.

  19. J Stolarski says:

    “it’s really easy to make electronic music” yup, and there’s lots of bad
    stuff out there, just listen to latest Ice Cube Drop Girl track, almost too
    painful to remix for the contest, I think he talked to Snoop Dogg and Snoop
    told him to listen to Sensual Seduction for some ideas :)

  20. entenfang says:

    this guy is a douche but this video is kinda fun

  21. Mr BlueEYES 02 says:

    It’t sounds like shit!!

  22. Luvster G. says:

    at 2:46 now you have my attention.

  23. Bruce Johnson says:

    You cray-cray, but I like it.

  24. Wade Hosking says:

    What tha fuck did i just watch

  25. Wolf & Raven says:

    Love your video man!! Reminds me of how my brother and I just jam out
    trying new sounds haha. Checked out some of your other videos and you have
    some great work! Earned yourself a subscriber here! We just started
    recently and posted a tune up on our channel. Give it a listen if you ever
    have a chance we would appreciate that! Looking forward to more of your

  26. Iamthemuffinman says:

    What chords at 2:50-3:00 and what chords at 7:00

  27. vivek anandhan says:

    whats your DAW?

  28. Alejandro D'Aloisio says:

    5:25 amazing chords…

  29. John P says:

    lol this guy is fucking awesome

  30. George Mccandies says:

    Nice work bro nice. 

  31. PZMaTTy says:

    Skrillex likes this

  32. John Doe says:

    Torley is by far the coolest fucking guy onYouTube.

  33. Blas T says:

    I need to learn this.

  34. Rick Washbrook says:

    Awesome review, man I am going to look out for Sylent. I love the sounds.
    What other ones do you suggest to look for if I am looking for instruments
    a little more traditional, like altered clavs, or rhodes, or piano, or funk
    piano, or bass guitar sounds or just cool sounds but a little more
    traditional than far out in the universe??? Please respond.

  35. sheridan Murphy says:

    Meh…. Sylenth is such a rip off, I went online and googled best free vst
    synths 2013.. check out a synth called Crystal by Green Oak Software,
    sounds identical to Sylenth but absolutely free of charge.

  36. Henrik Swenson says:

    This is the most awesome eight minutes I’ve ever had.

  37. AuralVirus says:

    the enthusiasm is awesome – if you aren’t making tutorials professionally
    you should be. Ask, macpro, lynda tutorials and groove3 all should employ
    you instantly!