How to use hardware instrument with Ableton – Ableton Tutorial Tuesday Season 2

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  1. StereogasmSounds says:

    Dude, I wasn’t expecting a tutorial on Christmas Eve… Respect!!

  2. Muzicboy3 says:

    when using hardware inside any DAW will you lose any sound quality. if so
    what is the best way to preserve the audio quality and make sure once you
    sample it into your DAW that it will be of the same quality that it is on
    the hardware?

  3. Mark Somar says:

    Yes yes,…, i was thinking about a tutorial about making an intro.

    And With Intro i mean,. The kind of intro the pro’s does in their podcasts
    for example,.,

    When you listen to podcasts from: traxtorm/Adam beyer/third movement,. They
    have a kind of “fx” type of intro,. I made a few,. But I miss something,.,
    maybe you can “teach” how?!

    Thanks in advance! And keep up the good work,. RESPECT,.,


  4. ARTFX STUDIOS says:

    Ever wondered how to get a hardware instrument to work with Ableton Live?