How To: Pluck in Massive (The Veldt by Deadmau5) (Tutorial w. Tuen)

I had some issues and this tutorial was delayed by 24 hours. But here it is! People requested “The Veldt” by Deadmau5 after I put out the “Strobe” by Deadmau…

Tuen - Red Light District 2013 (Russelåt)

Buy this track at: (You can also get the instrumental here) I spent quite some time on this russ…



  1. Tommy Voz says:

    A HUGE thanks! Not only a great tutorial, I am now also even more
    breathtaken by Joel’s creativity :P

  2. Jay Chen says:

    That sounds amazing!

  3. Toennel says:

    Thank you so much for this video!
    Could you please put in a DL link for the Massive preset?
    I did the same like in the video but it still sounds different :/

  4. Keith Harris says:

    the welt ? xD

  5. Pluck Lord says:

    doesnt sound like deadmau5 lol but sounds good….

  6. Bryan Castro says:

    league of legends XD

  7. Ben Short says:

    Wow amazing tutorial , Im an aspiring producer and one of the biggest
    problems for me is synth design but thanks to people like you who share
    information it doesnt hold us back as much as it could do . thanks for

  8. BL∆KE says:

    Mate this is an incredible tutorial, thank you. 

  9. Alvin Law says:

    OMG. this is AMAZING! great job!

  10. Glowing Lights Official says:

    Hey, do you have any tips on improving with Massive or general sound
    design? I’m always wondering if you just attempt to create a certain sound
    for a longer period of time and tune it or if there is a typical pattern
    for various sounds. Thanks :)

  11. atw196 says:

    please put a download link for the patch directly.. thanks

  12. dmacarada says:

    I did it exactly like described, but unfortunately it sound completely
    different here. Way too hard, nothing of this smooth sound. I checked it
    step by step 2 times, all is like described but the sound is completely
    different. When I open the cutoff, it becomes realy sharp and hard, nothing
    of this smoothness.

  13. Christian Sisak says:

    When you open Massive in Logic does it have to be set to mono or stereo?

  14. Spektro Music says:

    This song is not good. It’s just… PERFECT!!! I really love this 😀
    Can’t stop listening to it !!!

  15. Mc Fiszt says:

    SWEET! ! Du burde lage en sang med Kenneth (K-391) det hadde blitt fett!!
    Og plis lag den melody tutorial’en du snakka om 🙂
    Hilsning fra meg :)

  16. RaizeDesigns says:

    Favourite song..

    Takk skal du ha!

  17. TheAlexnator111 says:

    Hey Tuen can you please make a song with k-391
    I think you’re both really cool Producer

  18. TuenStudios says:

    Awwww, and I love you <3

  19. Michao1231 says:

    Well…He acctually said K-931..Hope thats another dude..cuz K-391 is
    beast! 😀

  20. TuenStudios says:

    Go ahead!

  21. Mats Remi Rom says:

    Tuen, du er best! Du skal nok bli verdenskjent en dag! Elsker denne låta:)

  22. GL PentaFil says:


  23. TuenStudios says:

    Tusen takk Mats Remi! Godt du har troa på meg! 😉

  24. LostPitch says:

    Definitely love this track. <3

  25. TuenStudios says:

    Haha! Thank you so much. But K-391 is a good friend of mine, he’s a really
    good producer, no hate on him. Creds to him.

  26. Zeref says:

    Friggin’ sick song! Amazing! It’s already on my playlist 😀

  27. he45bxatt says:

    Helt vilt! Hvor mye måtte gjengen legge ut for denne sangen?

  28. Steffen Kvamsdal says:

    Sykt bra låt, og sykt underrated.. Fortjener mye mer views og anerkjennelse

  29. Disgruntled Goat says:

    Cheers 😀

  30. Nina Kathinka Vik says:

    This is awesome! I’m so your biggest fan! I don’t listen to other music xD<3

  31. RuleR0fRo says:

    Not bad, but all the remixes sound kinda classic. And also make some
    playlists 🙂