How to Optomize Your PC for Music Production

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  1. CASINO undivided says:

    Thanks for the tips ,I’ve has my laptop for a while now ,and I indeed see
    the speed reduction,I would like to upgrade to a pc when find become
    available….any suggestions on affordable production builds?

  2. Mr.Shade says:

    Nice video. Mac’s are great machines but it is not a must to own one. I’ve
    never owned a mac and all my producing goes fine on a PC. I would like to
    add something to this video.
    1. If you bought it from the store format it and install windows again.
    Because I never trust the installations from the store.
    2. Make your PC dedicated to production only. So only install productions
    3. Keep it off the internet (mine only goes online when activating
    software). And if you only have one PC make it dual boot so you can keep
    one installation for internet and the other for production.

  3. Sebastian Perez says:

    Good start, I would like to add that you might want to check your RAM as
    well, if you have the cash to add more RAM then do it, is not that
    expensive either, the more RAM you have the better. A good boost of RAM
    will help you along the way when you start working with the DAW and other
    pluggins at the same time since those will eat your memory, not much to do
    with the processor since it is a laptop and you cannot make much changes to

    Since you mentioned that it is a bottom of the line laptop (not sure of the
    specs though), depending on how much work you put on it with the DAW and
    pluggins and other programs running for your project, tipically all of that
    will eat your processor resources as well, usually you cannot overclock
    those either.

    So basically you want two things in a computer to run it nicely for
    production which are RAM and processing power.

    PC user here as well 🙂

    Just my .02 :)

  4. mannyy18 says:

    you dont use Clorox wipes for lcd screens. Overall good video though. As
    well a 7200 rpm hard drive with 64mb of cache will do the trick as well

  5. Johnathan Thompson says:

    Is it better to get a 32 bit program or 64 bit Microsoft security
    essentials program?

  6. Morgan Reed says:

    please do more X2 producer tutorials I need to know a lot more. I am a
    guitar player and my weakest point is using Session Drummer. and setting up
    multi guitar tracks Busses and Drum Sessions I need a lot of help that I
    cannot find in the manual.

  7. Dj King Smokey says:

    hey men i love this video to the mix 

  8. Mixer University says:
  9. Mike Diligent says:

    Sony Acid Music Studio is the best. could be doing with a face lift and
    more features though.

  10. Mees Schenk says:

    Why not fl studio ?

  11. Naweek Music says:

    HORRIBLE poll, a lot of procution software is missing and shit thats only 1
    year old is in it….. *cough bitwig*. And also my favorite software is not
    in the list.

  12. Solar Heavy says:

    I’ve been using fl for 4 years now, it’s about workflow, not what’s best,
    there is no best, just preference
    and what some like to call industry standards.

  13. ReboyGTR says:

    No FL Studio?
    No Reason?

  14. ameyan woof says:

    No FL Studioo No Reason… Damn i think DJ Mag don’t know what music
    production is. 

  15. Theisen&Kluewer says:

    At least get your facts right as Ableton has Dual Monitor Support..

  16. Johnny Rocket says:

    I kid you not… audacity with vst host, and musescore combined with vst
    synths and sequencers is the best. 

  17. Cosmic Entertainment San Francisco says:

    Which #production #software do you prefer?

  18. GaryMadBolt says:

    Ableton live, the best.

  19. ΤΖΟΚΕΡ ΜΣΠ says:

    I am a proud fl studio 11 user,and if you dont think that fl studio is
    capable for professional work,you can check out my soundcloud channel,whick
    has both hip hop and dubstep…

  20. saturnative says:

    I’d say none of those!