How To Make Great Pad Sounds (Sylenth)…
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Sylenth tutorials If you’ve ever listened to a Deep House track chances are you’ve heard stacked chords. They originated with…
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  1. Elliott Ives says:

    Thank you so much for helping me discover the power of the Portamento knob,
    it gives me the exact kind of vibe im looking for!! Don’t know how I’ve
    overlooked it this whole week

  2. Moses says:

    Wanna make a hot ass beat? hit C 0 over and over and lay some drums over it
    seriously hot ass beat

  3. Geraint Pierce says:

    can you do a vidio on, showing us how the mod1 works,that would be a good
    video,coz not many can explain it

  4. Capital P. Beats says:

    nice tutorial helped alot. you know how to make brass sound?

  5. Jay Santana says:

    Good job on the videos and thanks.

  6. AlterMondialiste1 says:
  7. craigwilliamsmusic says:
  9. craigwilliamsmusic says:
  10. craigwilliamsmusic says:
  11. adrianringstrom says:
  12. Leo Bruzzaniti says:
  13. adrianringstrom says:
  14. craigwilliamsmusic says:
  15. dirk johan klanker says:
  16. Rob van Hees says:

    Great vid, nice voice over !

  17. ADSR Sound Design & Synth Tutorials says:
  18. CoalMyn1382 says:

    I keep forgetting about those note boxes. Thank you for this.

  19. VIBRATTO says:

    Great vid man, keep up the good work. We appreciate what you do.