How to Make Dubstep Pt 1/3 w/ Ableton Live: Drums & Envelopes

Check out for more goodies… In this video series Dubspot Instructor and Ableton Expert STEVE NALEPA takes us step by step through …
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More info: During our visit to Seattle’s Decibel Festival earlier this year, Dubspot instructor/course designer Thavius Beck presented a…



  1. pgriffin22 says:

    mate this was clipping the whole time you were both making the original dum
    pattern and making the reverse drum pattern, now, i want to know HOW you
    class YOURSELF as an Ableton “expert” when the drums where clipping to
    FUCK! look at the fucking audio file you recorded, how retarded do you have
    to be to NOT notice that the soundwave was above the audio clip window!
    this is SUPPOSED to be a tutorial yet you FAIL to tell these people, who,
    no offense to you guys who are just starting out, NEED to be told about
    A) Clipping
    B) how to stop this clipping

    FIRST< turn DOWN the volume, YES i said TURN IT DOWN, RED on the MASTER means you are DAMAGING your speakers/headphones. SECOND, teach them about limiters and mention that when turning down sample you can always ADD volume later with MASTERING! Jesus H christ, so much left out of this tutorial, im going to continue watching the other 2 of the 3 vids to see what otheer mistakes are made. XD

  2. Morga121 says:

    what version of ableton live are you using?

  3. shrid smith says:

    If I’m using the Massive plug-in for Ableton, is it possible to make
    changes to the automation curve of the LFO rate in the piano roll editor
    itself ?
    , because then you can change the midi notes as well as the automation
    curves simultaneously

  4. pgriffin22 says:

    lol did you see the clipping on the master channel at 0:43! XD n00b, red is

  5. yourdadsawhat says:

    Thanks so much, this video is the only one showing this!!!

  6. Ryan Earwood says:

    @Apple Jack This video is 4 years old, and that’s Ableton Live 8. You might
    have 9, which would explain the differences. 

  7. Xrizon says:

    yes, but nothing is impossible in a creation, 70 bpm or 140, its just an
    other tips for composing… ;-)

  8. Apple Jack says:

    and as always i never have the same as what the person I’m watching has. I
    don’t have the Audio from / MIDI from parts and my far left sidebar is way

  9. Jakob Dobbs says:

    But what’s the program and where do i download it?

  10. Donovan Corl says:

    70 BPM XDDDD

  11. Xrizon says:

    70 or 140bpm, its just one different vision…. please go rating my last
    dubstep track… ;)

  12. bdulay says:

    nice, thanks.

  13. Amáury Gtz says:

    thnx!! congrats!! respect!! peace!!

  14. makesomebacon says:

    Every folder i drop down just says .. the few that i can
    drag into a midi slot only make noise when i use the piano roll.Don’t think
    ill ever figure out able live, Might admit defeat and Upgrade FL studios
    from demo.

  15. coleboswee says:

    Ableton live

  16. vetis24 says:

    omfg!!!! i wish my computer was fast enough for making music… otherwise i
    would make some wicked dubstep

  17. snabsAglass says:

    Audio form that is..

  18. shunn ification says:

    Hello – Im wondering, since im out of internet at the moment and for the
    forseeable future, is it possible to get this downloadable in any way or
    so? Would be deeply appriciated, since i want to get started, but i am
    having a hard time without internet access, so please, if possible, please
    help 🙂

  19. Justin Cantrell says:

    You sir… have gained a subscriber… well done sir. well done

  20. Monster LMA says:

    Download the extras from your Ableton account

  21. Ilja Boor says:

    Ya know. Mkay.

  22. Julian Dorsey says:

    If you close your eyes, it’s like Obama is teaching you about midi

  23. Banana Power says:

    haha hes saying ‘okay’ like mr macky from south park just like ‘mkay’

  24. Jon Kennedy Federation says:

    very helpful… *doffs cap*

  25. Stimpson Hoek says:

    Real nice tutorial here mmk!

  26. oldmatrices says:


  27. roflbiscuit says:

    So insightful

  28. Andrew Flores says:

    Great video thanks for sharing this

  29. ycedi says:

    Awesome video!! thx for all those videos!

  30. Noé Fortes says:

    Great tutorial Thavius, you should do more of these.

  31. xZeppelin420 says:

    does the apc40 have a mode which can replicate the user 1 mode for the
    launch pad ?

  32. s3rialsubstand says:

    Does this work on Apc40 ??

  33. Dubspot says:

    Thanks for tuning in!

  34. djlevine says:

    mmmk 2:03

  35. ibethatprettyflacko says:

    Nice Tutorial Mhhhhkayyyyy

  36. vlogtronica says:

    would be really cool if you guys could do a video showing how you set up
    things for a live set, you don’t even necessarily need to explain things
    i’d just like to see it done

  37. Dubspot says:

    😉 stay tuned!

  38. Alextremesteban says:

    Truly helpful! I was wondering though which controller was the black cubic
    kind of stuff that you didn’t use during the video? apart from the
    launchpad and the quneo… cheers!

  39. nycmode says:

    Learned a ton just from this 15 minute video! Thanks DubSpot~

  40. Dubspot says:

    Indeed. Thanks for watching!

  41. spunkfacesamplers says:

    Dope man, i was using the launchpad for ages as a drum seq live. I think
    more and more toys will start coming out.