How to make a Kill The Noise style bass with NI Massive – Ableton Tutorial Tuesday Season 2

How to make a Kill The Noise style bass with NI Massive - Ableton Tutorial Tuesday Season 2

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  1. Andrej Karić says:

    Drinking game .
    Take a shot everytime the author of the video says “Basically”
    Get drunk as sht in 10 minutes!

  2. ARTFX STUDIOS says:

    Basically not…

  3. The Death Touch says:

    You should make a download link to the patch because it take 45 minutes to
    make the bass… plus with all of the pausing it take a little more than an
    hour to make.

  4. hola yason says:

    “um…now for da bitches..” 10:16

  5. DJ R3K0RD says:

    >Boosts mids in the plugin

    >Cuts them out again with the EQ

  6. tmass1 says:

    why is this 45 minutes long, and why can’t I just hear the sound?

  7. Jeff Y says:

    set the bitch to -24

  8. Noodleinjar says:


  9. InfiniteMusicInc says:

    a tutorial on how to make the main bass from the intro pleaasse

  10. DJ R3K0RD says:


  11. Will C says:

    First thing you need to do, before showing how to set up the patch… PLAY
    THE SOUND. That way if it’s not what someones looking for they don’t have
    to dick around digging through your video looking for the final product.
    I’ve subbed you, so don’t think I’m hating, but please make it easier to
    tell what the noise is going to turn out to.

  12. Evan Pelton says:

    How did you make the intro chords?

  13. AlfredoDubstep says:

    You had me at Eptic.

  14. Daan Jordens says:

    Make a tutorial on KOAN sounding basses

  15. Yamamoto Kenshi says:

    This VST is going to be a new massive, everyone will use it.

  16. Stephen Weinman says:

    congrats for the hundredth like (me) 

  17. Diego Escobar says:

    Can you make a tutorial about the cause & affect lead bass from stampede? this one right here
    Great vids btw!

  18. NativeAUS says:

    Ahh i’m stuck with the demo. Gonna put $30 aside every week for this

  19. Alexander Palmisano says:

    Could you try making the main bass sound from Machine Gun by F.O.O.L.? That
    dry sound is really awesome and its something that I feel I would use a

  20. Stingray says:

    Yeah, it’s a great synth. Very open, lot’s you can do with it. 16x
    unison!!!! Going to be some very cool patches made with this. 2+ sub OSC

  21. ARTFX STUDIOS says:

    It’s been a while since the last #BassDesign video, but here is ‘How to
    make an Eptic style bass in XFER Serum!’

  22. Cubed says:

    You had me at bass.

  23. Justin Perea says:

    I think I am going to buy this right now. 

  24. TheFlexXMLG says:

    This is dope

  25. Dominik Weixelbraun says:

    gnaaaah i wanna buy it and when i register it doesnt send me the reg email 

  26. OfficialPHASIK says:

    any one know where i can get a 64bit copy for free??? i can only find 32bit

  27. zeepster says:

    Lol, “filder”
    Cheers for posting

  28. TheFlexXMLG says:


  29. Dominik Weixelbraun says:

    the sub sounds amazing, i always made seperate sub with massive but this is
    kicking ass

  30. Junglist Robert says:

    this synth sounds great !