How to make a Glitch Hop kickdrum – Ableton Tutorial Tuesday Season 2

How to make a Glitch Hop kickdrum - Ableton Tutorial Tuesday Season 2

It’s here! *play epic music…* ARTFX STUDIOS presents: Ableton Tutorial Tuesday season 2 about the genre Glitch Hop! In this season we will go through makin…



  1. Jake Penner says:

    Jesus dude. Collect your thoughts and get to the point! 5 minutes into the
    video and he hasn’t even started!

  2. ARTFX STUDIOS says:

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    This weeks video is on “How to make a Glitch Hop kickdrum”

  3. Kai DahRainbowDerp says:

    Hi, I’m saving up for Logic Pro X, but would you recommend spending the
    extra money for Ableton Live? 

  4. noreaction says:

    how to make a glitch hop kick drum, I thought you were going to synthesize
    one, not pull from a sample pack

  5. Mike Diligent says:

    Glitch hop doesn’t have a way its meant to be out of time FX and

  6. Alesnandro Haze says:

    Beatboxing like a boss

  7. Illmatic Productions says:


  8. Kb EDM says:

    “Let’s see if I can do this” I salute your beatbox awesomeness sir.

  9. Caliphate (Official) says:

    Well, samples for drums are great because then, less and less shitty music
    will be on the internet :3 besides even if you give a sample, the problem
    becomes the mixdown.

  10. Gbrl Téllez Girón says:

    You voice pisses me off to…seriously, I wanted to watch the whole video
    but I couldn’t “Ahm”

  11. jean-baptiste Debliquis says:

    amazing teaching Skills, thx!

  12. Stef Pletinck says:

    I actually like the beatboxing more than the music lol.

  13. HappyHardstyle97 says:

    Omg dat beatbox

  14. Noob3Killers says:

    Fake beatbox

  15. TechGrenade says: