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  1. honchobeatzmusic says:

    Shit wack that’s basic 

  2. Ramiro Ochoa says:

    how do i record my beat tag?

  3. Tkaye White says:


  4. Scapone Beatz says:

    great tut! :)

  5. kicyourface says:

    Just a few saftey tips. 1. Always have stereo tags. Mono tags can be
    ripped out with mid side processing techniques. Always throw one side of
    the tag down a few cents in pitch, maybe put a slow subtle chorus on one
    side, maybe throw one side a few milliseconds of delay. DO whatever you
    can to make it stereo so it can not be sucked out with creative mid side
    processing. 2. Never ever ever ever ever ever have the tag by itself with
    no music behind it. Thats all someone needs to phase cancel it out of
    every beat you have ever put it in. Never let anyone have a copy of the
    tag by itself. never play the tag by itself at the intro or outro of your
    song. 3. have your tag start on the 3rd beat and duress into the 1st and
    second beat of the following measure. Don’t contain the tag conveniently
    within one measure. 4.big long reverbs (and even true reverse reverbs)
    make a tag ripper’s day go to crap. 

  6. Bewick Records says:

    Subscribe to our channel, new videos will be up soon.

  7. William Fletcher says:
  8. Rasaan Laurence says:

    beat tag…beat tag…beat tag…beat tag…lol but seriously good tutorial

  9. William Fletcher says:

    That’s a very good point because you don’t only make a tag to protect your
    beats but to also brand your beats as a producer. The tutorial above is for
    creating a basic sounding vocal tag for those who are unsure how to make
    them. However, there are a lot of different ways you can make a unique
    sounding tag. One of the best ways is mixing an audio sample in with your
    tag. Not only will you have a signature voice tag but a signature sound as
    well. …………

  10. London Life says:

    what mic do you have?

  11. Reds says:

    GREAT tut man liked and subbed 🙂

  12. JC Biffro says:

    I actually need a tag doing myself. The issue I have with these mass
    produced sites is that they are sound so basic and similar, with limited
    customisation. Are you there any FXs you use the make a tag a little more
    originally other than reverb/delay etc?

  13. William Fletcher says:

    This is very similar to what you here at the beginning of an Akon song
    (“konvict”). It could really be any type of sound effect playing at the
    beginning before your tag or during. You could also do some pitch shifting
    effects on the tag such as drop the pitch on it. Another thing you could do
    is a tape stop effect near the end of the vocal tag. If you really want to
    get creative with it open the tag up in something like Gross Beat and try
    different stutter or DJ spin effects on it.

  14. London Life says:

    what mic do you have?

  15. JC Biffro says:

    Have you made tags for other artists before? I’d be willing to pay for one
    if you able to make me something unique that’s of high quality. I’ll inbox
    you my email address

  16. Dark Drumz says:

    Something I made with Fl studio earlier. I’m new to posting here so hope
    you guys enjoy. forum.image-line com/posting.php?mode=edit&f=300&p=816435
    presets and Mixer track settings presets from Presetware com