How To: Laser in Massive (Tutorial w. Tuen)

This is a tutorial on how to do laser sounds in Massive. I hope you find this helpful! If you did, remember to like this video and if you want to stay tuned …



  1. Michał Szulakiewicz says:

    how do you use media player with ableton still on? doesn’t asio take away
    the option to use multiple output sources?

  2. Nick Nord says:

    Really love your tutorials!

  3. br1anhuh says:

    solid tutorial man- thanks!

  4. Our Enemies says:

    why did you switch to Ableton? :(

  5. Ditto428 says:

    Not sure if troll. If you want to make your own sounds, stop following the
    exact steps and experiment. He clearly stated the base of all lazer sounds
    in this vid, it’s an effect of a sharp increase in pitch over a short
    period of time. This is where you take that idea and run with it, don’t
    just copy his sound. Supersaws, reeses, growls, etc, they all start basic,
    then you change them and make them your own.

  6. TMIbro says:

    Make a tutorial on how to make a flanger or a sweeping sound of some sort
    that you can hear in your and K-391’s music please!!!!

  7. TMIbro says:

    Brimleik,Sky City

  8. DJBrandtOfficial says:

    It’s Swing Break by McMash Clan.

  9. HoardingBeats says:

    Really enjoying these videos :)!

  10. TMIbro says:

    How to make some kind of white noises that will help in your song like a
    really good build up, you can see in a video of Avicii in the studio how he
    does that but that is just fast so I was thinking if you got any knowlege
    about that.

  11. FantraFora says:


  12. TuenStudios says:


  13. TuenStudios says:

    Yes ok. But where in the songs? Specific minute/second

  14. ClosedVision says:

    tuen im a new upcoming producer. im only 17 and i know that you know how
    hard it is to get noticed. I would LOVE if you checked out my song nuclear
    fish and gave me some feedback. I love your music bro!