How to DJ w/ DJ Shiftee @ Dubspot | Mixing – Pushing & Pulling

If you want to learn more about how to DJ check out: In this video DJ Shiftee demonstrates one of the basic techniques of how to DJ: pus…

Dubspot is very proud to present Roots & Future – a special month-long video series celebrating the pioneers, innovators, and torch-bearers of Jamaican music…



  1. Jahnah Jarvis says:
  2. Clarabelle Collins says:
  3. andrewbouchermusic says:
  4. AFullPlateProduction says:
  5. Jake Patterson says:
  6. MrSoundAmigo says:

    this guy is a legennnnnddddddddd thanks for the upload!

  7. High Voltage eV says:

    That’s really inspirational on a whole different level. Thanks for
    uploading this!

  8. HOPKIRK says:

    Brilliant… Perry, gotta love this guy… I know I do, legendary in many
    respects, big up!

  9. Demetri Adamov says:

    Wow. Didn’t expect to see Lee Perry in DubSpot.

  10. Skerrit Bwoy says:

    BestDubspot interview ever! lol

  11. Groove RadioPT says:

    A jamaican in NY

  12. lilcleo001 says:

    Looking forward to more from this series! 

  13. Django Flaherty says:

    Clive Chin, Lee Perry and Gabrie Selassie. Good job Dubspot! Would love to
    see some of the funk/R&B/Motown pioneers up here too :).

  14. Nina513 says:

    His take on Reggae in present time is very interesting. 

  15. P Johnson says:


  16. thekoxbox says:

    I’m happy that I had a chance to touch the legend when He was in Moscow
    last year.