How To: Chop Vocals Like Skrillex (Tutorial w. Tuen)

Spring break is here and I thought I’d make some tutorials since my internet connection is too weak to continue my streaming. This is the first tutorial and …
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How To: Tristam/Rogue Flamewar Lead in Massive (Tutorial w. Tuen)

Tutorial showing how I think Tristam and Rogue made their lead in the song “Flamewar”, my favorite track of the Catalyst EP. I think I got pretty freaking cl…



  1. TheSoroLP says:

    Oh my god! I´ve always wanted to see how this track is made! Since I heard
    it from Drone!

  2. Thales S. says:

    2:39 Genial

  3. Danny Mello says:

    Where do you find the vocals?

  4. Данил Шегуров says:


  5. Guy Soffer says:

    Where can I find acapellas?

  6. Duzkol says:


  7. Jainam Mehta says:

    I used another method to do that!!

  8. Spronger911 says:


  9. TuenStudios says:

    Thanks Ben!

  10. Parapsychologic says:


  11. Hazard says:

    Yeah, this is a far better method, but gross beat does add a kind of
    cyborg/computery effect to the sound, which is probably what you’re talking
    about, it’s good for some genres, not so good for others.

  12. TheKjeds says:

    Thanks Bro Iam Really presiate this video!

  13. Joachim Nielsen says:

    Sounds awesome

  14. TuenStudios says:

    No problem Spronger!

  15. TuenStudios says:

    Am I? 😮

  16. XynthiaArt says:

    Skrillex milion

  17. Parapsychologic says:

    Awesome, man. I’d still love some more streams though! -PortFromShika :3

  18. TuenStudios says:

    Link is in the description

  19. Sevilou says:

    Teach me the ways where to get good free samples and which plug-ins do you
    have and where to download them, please and thank you.

  20. Phil Musicandmore says:

    Very very Good !!!!!!!!

  21. CresceMusicOfficial says:

    Awesome tutorial man 🙂

  22. TuenStudios says:

    Prime-Loops often release good free sample packs, subscribe to their
    newsletter so that you can stay updated! Also, I use mostly, Kontakt
    Libraries, Massive, FM8 and Sylenth1. They all cost money, there are little
    good free plug-ins. But there are some, which I don’t use. Google is your
    friend 😉

  23. TuenStudios says:

    Thanks a lot Cresce! Appreciated!

  24. Chuck Norris says:


  25. LzardWzard says:

    As helpful as this is, I think you may be a little retarded. You put Osc 1
    and 3 through filter 2, yet never set a balance between the filters.
    Absolutely no input is being heard from Osc 1 or Osc 3. They’re basically
    useless. But I guess that means you left tons of space for us people to
    fuck around with it, make it our own. So, through criticism, thanks man!

  26. John Kotermanski says:

    Good stuff broskinator subscribed!

  27. StomyxEDM says:

    pls midi :3

  28. SpectrumMinecraft says:

    Awesome stuff man!

  29. sixdean tutorials says:

    This sound is awesome, I’ve got my own channel and do some awesome
    bass/synth sound recreations 🙂 Check me out. 

  30. I Am Trill-Pix says:

    awww shit man thanks so much! i love you for this!

  31. Syncraftian says:

    I like how my doesn’t sound the same.,

  32. axezar says:

    Genius 🙂

  33. TuenStudios says:

    Still, very embarrasing. How did I not think of that. Darn!

  34. D00mH0und132 says:


  35. Voxas says:

    LOL, the annotation xD

  36. TuenStudios says:

    You’re right. I just pooped myself. We all make mistakes, right? Ok!
    Oscillator 1 and 3 is supposed to give it much more punch and bass. But
    hah! I totally forgot to even mention to route it correctly, AWESOME,
    that’s on me.

  37. HoardingBeats says:

    Could you do a video about Strobe by deadmau5?

  38. Astro says:

    thx mate!

  39. OfficialTheWinox says:

    Don’t know if this is too hard, but can you make the bass at the drop of
    You and I by Sirensceol?

  40. bloopsir says: