How To Bass 50: FM From The Ground Up Using FM8

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  1. Jüri Kill says:

    I never seen proper SAW Reece in FM8 , only those variations of Growl YAY
    Skrillex and all that EDM BS ! Show me please

  2. Nathan Leman says:

    I thought I was getting the hang of FM with Ableton’s Operator, then I got
    FM8… :(

  3. JLabist says:

    Thanks fucking god, you’re using fm8… finally.

  4. william roullier says:

    anyone just looking at this and thinking wtf?!?! .. seamless ur soo good at
    this wish i could learn more about FL ive got FL11

  5. MrBaileyguitar says:

    That EQ looks incredibly difficult and annoying to work with…

    Other than that, pretty cool.

  6. Maik Krause says:

    great and funny explanation! 🙂 keep going

  7. lkb3rd says:

    It sounds like you’re eating a sandwich.

  8. triplewub says:

    Thank you. 

  9. Madd Dr. Ew says:

    lol yois…..

  10. Trent Hoffer says:

    You help so much make it seem like its nothing thanks. I never understood
    untill now. Bad ass teacher and artist 

  11. 8Bit Rogue says:

    If you ever get the time, you should do a how to bass in Operator from

  12. Anthony Scacco says:

    Love the Vid man, Never stumbled upon yours before I’m interested in FM8’s
    sound design and when you saying “smoothing” or “sharp” and how Fm8 doesn’t
    sound like its hitting sharp possibly because you have a long attack in
    your envelope settings? which i didn’t see you mess with in this video
    which in return wouldn’t have a “Stab” to the sound but would also get rid
    of the build up on the vowel sound. Just my two cents..i have no problem
    with getting sharp growls with this synth.

  13. Michael64099 says:

    So is FM8 a good choice if I want to make more hard-edged bass growls for a
    better sound design? 

  14. Shiek927 says:

    If you don’t mind me asking, how does Sytrus stack up against FM8?

  15. Random Logick says:

    nice tut, Rübezahl.

  16. DJ Sputnik says:

    The sound doesn’t change for me when I change E–>F modulation thingy (when
    you raise the amplitude level). I use FL Studio 10. What do I do wrong?

  17. Instert Random Name says:

    du dumm – cshhhhh …

  18. Kanye West says:

    Hahaha, he is a g!

  19. Tha Halcyon X says:

    3:10 Have fun.

  20. putrifaction wubs says:

    is it a curse? did you make fun of a wizard for his silly hat? or did you
    trade having a permanent cold for having insane bass skills.