Growl Bass Tutorial #2 – Monster Bass in FM8 (Skrillex – First of the Year)

READ DESCRIPTION NAO – – – – – – WATCH YOUR VOLUME, the music is loud in some parts and it may ear rape you, so get ready to turn it down XD Well then, here’s another tutorial,…
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Skrillex Growl Bass Tutorial - Ableton Live & FM8



  1. darkstorm157 says:

    How can I do Instrument Racks like you do in Fl ? :/

  2. NativeAUS says:

    What video recording software do you use?

  3. Anant Aditya Patro says:

    One of the best tutorials on Frequency Modulation synthesis. Thanks a ton.

  4. FunkBoi Music says:

    Ok, great tutorial, but that was seriously painful.

  5. MrCoDeKzZ says:

    Don’t worry. It’s not as hard as it looks. *Tutorial is 30 minutes long.*
    Makes perfect sense.

  6. Faceless Bonnie says:

    This sounds like someone shitting 

  7. TrueToTheController says:

    “It doesn’t sweep frequencies it quantum leaps”

  8. Jonah Mann says:

    Turning up the digital distortion and number of voices helps too.

  9. Marcin Cierpiszewski says:

    Is there a way to implement macro control knob function to Cubase? I can’t
    find a way to send multiple parameters to one knob.

  10. Maciej Ytovinaspace says:

    how make that snare??

  11. Lucas Maffazioli says:

    Thank you, that was awesome

  12. Vince M. says:

    Great tutorial, I’m just curious if anybody out there knows how to macro
    map in studio one in order to automate multiple parameters and set min/max
    levels for instruments, it’s quite frustrating Is there a vst out there
    that can do this?

  13. Ronny Rydgren says:

    U can use vocodex as thirdparty and load it in ableton, no need using fl,
    most plugin can be downloaded as thirdparties if there is any u like

  14. Ok Ok says:

    THis “Yoy” bass is usualllyc called a “Vox” :P

  15. Chris L says:

    jAyMaC ;)

  16. Sound Design Tutorials says:

    Great work…Well explained.

  17. DJ Draconis says:

    Dang. All your videos are so helpful. Thanks!

  18. NEGUAX says:

    Allthough I work in ableton live 9 my growl bass sounds nothing like this,
    it sounds almost muffled and alot of high annyiong frequencies still pass
    through, it sounds terrible 

  19. Mark smith says:

    Ok,when i put the carrier on the fm8 growl it just sounds awkward! i diddnt
    open a new midi track for fm8 though, i just opened it by itself.. maybie
    that can be the reason? and if so.. how can i open a new midi track?? im so
    experienceless in this program! 😀 anyone help???

  20. TheStrategyGuy says:

    The Ableton vocoder is my favorite tool for making crunchy basses though it
    takes some experimenting to get it right.

  21. gartman222 says:

    This is helpful but sometimes you sound like homestar runner took his adhd
    pills and started making music

  22. Bag head! - Official says:

    Thanks! i learn a lot with this tut

  23. Maik Krause says:

    Maan, really good tutorial, thank you very much!! I saw on your soundcloud
    site only remakes… with your potential you could do so great own songs!
    or do you have own songs?

  24. Escobar Manchulo says:


  25. Samuel Rousseau says:

    so you are using 21% of your cpu with this only track, I wish you good luck
    trying to stack enough tracks to make a song

  26. brandanleiter says:

    Am I the only person who imagines McLovin when i hear this kid talking?

  27. Allan O says:

    Thank you so much for putting the synth’s volumes at the same level as your
    voice. I HATE, HATE, HATE, when people will be talking at a volume of like
    -24 and then they blast their synths with 0db on tutorials. 

  28. TheOfficial Kataclypse says:

    you could use massive and save yourself the trouble of using fm8. both are
    great but massive is easier to me

  29. N.E.U.R.O.OFFICIAL says:

    F off

  30. Bruno Yanniello says:

    how create group ?

  31. Erwin Monreddy says:

    hey sup, cool tutorial man, thumbs up
    can you make tutorial growl bass by Frequent – Talons
    peace and ty vm

  32. Andrew Phillips says:

    this guy needs to blow his nose! n000b

  33. Harris Nikkel says:

    close, but i don’t like how many plugins and audio effects he has to use.
    you can get much better sounds just using fm8 with more automation and
    routings. I’m definitely gonna try this out though!

  34. SLAMTV says:


  35. Strikerx77 says:

    at 1:55, what does feeding E back into itself do? i never really understood
    what feedback does

  36. lkb3rd says:

    I’m not a party person.

  37. Random Logick says:

    skrillex is a fucking bastard with his dubstep for kiddies.