GOTH-TRAD (DEEP MEDi, Japan) @ Dubspot – Advice, Ableton Live, Analog Gear +

More info: Last year Dubspot had the privilege of hosting Deep Medi Musik label artist Takeaki Maruyama a.k.a. Goth-Trad for a discussion on his live performance setup,…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The Akai MPC: A Closer Look w/ Toronto's Fresh Kils (Producer / Performer / Engineer)

More info: Toronto-based producer, performer, and engineer Andrew Kilgour a.k.a. Fresh Kils has an impressive resume that boasts collaborations with a wide array of top-notch…



  1. DJ Nadim says:

    Where the f**k can I buy Goth-Trad – Grind!?!?!?

  2. roboto says:

    what a chill dude

  3. Eamon Bohan says:

    Can anyone recommend me some absolute bangers by Goth Trad?

  4. Widow maker says:

    Sampling, hence the sampler he bought! Most big name dudes will sample
    probably more than use synthesis.. Depends who it is though!

  5. CelestialDub says:

    Air Breaker, Born to Know (dub), Mach, Two Face, Sunbeam.

  6. Jim Divine says:

    very creative mixing and matching the pieces of Korg controllers…. Korg
    was so dumb in its color design

  7. Fly Fishin says:

    Pure art at its best

  8. DigitalPuppyOfficial says:

    Seeker, has to be my favorite by him!

  9. Rei Bob says:

    he doesn’t get english well does it? 🙂 so funny he’s a true artist! 🙂
    Love his work and his persona

  10. vaultdwellar says:

    Looks like a Behringer UB2442FX or the new USB model (I own one)

  11. joao88 says:

    dudes in Japan are doing work!! more uk and labels should sign more dudes.

  12. Dubspot says:

    Thanks for watching!

  13. Consulman Haaqmutk says:

    check out his track cosmos

  14. MsSaimon007 says:

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    500 000 руб. Диагноз Ильи: Тяжелая закрытая осложненная
    позвоночно-спинно-мозговая травма, закрытый компрессионный осколочный
    перелом тела Ц-6 с ушибом и сдавливанием спинного мозга, синдром
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  15. Danny Cooper says:

    Commitment, practice and more practice will yield rusults. The musicians
    coming out the pacific rim have begun, amazing shit will come out of the
    orient as it always has done. Neogeo is one prime example. Self producing
    out of India with a large following in the Orient that are Learning from
    him as they go. Genius is here, genius is on the way.


    Kode9 would be sick as fuck. Ha I’m waiting for J:kenzo to show some
    production tips.

  17. drum bass says:

    Always with the nice sounds.

  18. Ergomanic says:

    hey can anyone tell me the name of the track in the outro starting at 6:40?
    its great!

  19. Voetsches says:

    I can’t figure out what mixer he is using, anyone would be so kind as to
    tell me?

  20. Nott Elling says:

    Cut end, Cosmos, Seeker, Departure, Sunbeam, two faced, dark path to name a

  21. CelestialDub says:

    He would probably use a sampler either hardware or software to modify or
    change samples to his liking.

  22. carlosyt2 says:

    I wanna be on Dubspot! 😀 haha eventhough I use FL Studio lol

  23. David Byard says:

    Dope! Even though I use Maschine now, I’m proud to have started my career
    on the MPC and videos like this inspire me to go harder on the pads! Kils,
    kill ’em!

  24. Michael Peitersen says:

    “he sounded like he jus stepped outta the 80s” You make it sound like
    that’s a bad thing?

  25. Jim Rindfleish says:

    this mc is on point

  26. Jan Philip says:

    tenacious d haha

  27. Dubspot says:

    We can’t wait either…. Stay tuned!

  28. Dubspot says:

    Check out freesound[dot]org/

  29. DMaster Mensionz says:

    Big UP TDOT

  30. TokenSB says:

    dude i havnen’t seen your comment i’ve commented the exect same

  31. mynmyself says:

    beckham high as fuck raping amazingly good

  32. EMEReynolds says:

    Dope, been listening to this guy for awhile now.

  33. as iro says:


  34. Born2WinBIg77 . says:

    Great Video. Thank GOD it wasnt for the MPC Renaissance. YUK. Nothing Will
    Ever Touch Classic Hardware

  35. Kevin Griffin says:

    Fucking awesome i use Logic and Reason and this shit here is about to make
    me get a mpc

  36. TokenSB says:

    Fresh kils is the SHIZ

  37. Juan Verrett says:


  38. Fith Element says: