Funkagenda using FM8 to make Zedd style bass growls

FM return for brand new In The Studio video with Funkagenda in his LA studio. Watch as he explains how to get the classic Zedd bass growl using NI’s FM8 synt…
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Native Instruments FM8: The Basics Multiplier’s …
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  1. Alan Sheriff says:

    Just get Zedd in the studio already!

  2. Sean O'Reilly says:

    liked! I got a Zedd cover on my channel for anyone interested. much

  3. Lukeme9X says:

    DAMMIT STOP CALLING THEM PARTIALS! They’re operators god dammit!

  4. Ćärśtêń Kúëhń says:

    Zedd is always talking about stick to ur own style even if it sounds like
    someone else, then they go ahead and call it a Zedd Style… Idk.. 

  5. KilldaPunks says:

    song playing at the start?

  6. Felippe Senne says:

    Cool tips!

  7. NATmusicofficial says:

    great tutorials from funkagenda (Y) :)

  8. andy smith says:

    Zedd bass growl? Is it 2012 again?

  9. William Pyramyth says:

    nice vid, funkagenda should get his sweetspot corrected. 

  10. sinthushushan sooriyakumar says:

    Funkagenda is always the most insightful producer you guys have on. Make
    him more of a regular!

  11. purplegoat2500 says:

    great tutorial

  12. jim kassius says:

    the guy knows his shit man….no ghost producers here !
    nice one dude

  13. Jake Butler says:

    Leave it to funkagenda to actually teach you how to do something different
    instead of just going through a track. Love this guy

  14. HowToDoStuffVideo says:

    Watch as he explains how to get the classic Zedd bass growl using NI’s FM8
    synth. LMAO

  15. Tagic Mrooper says:

    The second i saw his alias i knew it’s going to sound like a crappy/cheesy
    remake of Zedds bass.

  16. asura673 says:

    “how to sound like someone else instead of developing your own style”
    exactly the reason the digital market is saturated with mediocre crap

  17. Michael O'Connell says:


  18. MNINE says:

    this guy is great. 

  19. Mario Velasco says:
  20. Brewal Renault says:

    Actually sounds quite like a floppy disk drive

  21. 5cyp43r says:

    great vid! 🙂 

  22. Steven Worrell says:

    1:34 what’s an arsealater? 

  23. Xantar Amone says:

    FM8 is a best i used it over 10 years

  24. Ben Gareffa says:

    “I don’t have 8 fingers, so…”

  25. zeugfilms says:

    I do make every sound in my tracks except for the odd vocal sample and if i
    need it a specific drum sound like a tabla or guiro or something… but
    then i’m nerdy like that.

  26. dankesthours182 says:

    wow man. Hooooooooooooleeee shivv. you really get into the nitty gritty
    here in this tutorial. i’m really super impressed i hope i can find a lot
    more by you, i’ve been simultaneously learning Zebra 2, Massive, Razor and

  27. dankesthours182 says:

    lol, great tut, but you’re so opinionated, why dont you just tell us what
    you know XD so we can decide what we wanna utilize. GREAT tutorial dont get
    me wrong xD. but man you’re funny

  28. Larry Wilson says:

    Does FM8 include the new algorithms Yamaha introduced with the SY77 and the
    FS series?

  29. conor says:

    Any decent producer makes their own drums, along with everything else in
    the track.

  30. Karim nassar says:

    worst tutorial iv seen, thanks!! limited info and toooooooo much babbling 

  31. Walt Nied says:

    Had a good laugh watchin this haha, your some man for one man. 😛 sound for
    the lesson too, really helped. :)

  32. WareWofle says:

    Thanks! If you know the basics of synthesis, skip to 26:00 . His
    explanation of the basics of FM8 start there.

  33. SuperAudioManiac says:

    Stuff interacting with stuff is called frequency modulation.

  34. billy bob says:

    Multiplier you are fucking retarded, bro.

  35. enzeth says:

    Such a waste of time…. this guy doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking

  36. Pad Freeman says:

    this is the worst tutorial i ever watched, plus the bullshit you are saying
    is absolute toxic to every starting musician

  37. Xhevat Fera says:

    how to download Fm8 give me link in fb

  38. Janomix says:

    oh may got… bla bla bla…. zzzz