Free Vst Synth | Alpha Ray by TubeOhm


Demo Of some of the features of a Free Vst Synth plugin from TubeOhm, I go through some of the presets for bass, chords, pads etc.

Not a bad synth for the money FREE!!! you can dowen load it from here:


Specs etc. are below enjoy!

Alpha-Ray is a three oscillator per voice, 10 voice polyphonic VA synthesizer. This instrument has an inbuilt poly overdrive. The VCF can switch from a ladder to a state variable mode. The main filter in connection with a 6 dB HP filter gives a BP-filter with adjustable bandwidth.

Alpha-Ray is usable for all kind of VA sounds and specially also for really heavy distortion lead Sounds. On board are four additional effects, overdrive, chorus, delay and reverb.


  • 2 Main and 1 sub oscillator / 10 voices polyphony
  • 2 main and 1 mod LFO (pitch wheel). Tempo host sync and phase sync
  • 3 Filters, a 6db H, a 24db ladder and a main 12db state veriable filter. The 6db filter coupled to the main filter gives a BP filter
  • OSC FM with OSC 1+2 and OSC SYNC with OSC 1+2
  • Polyphonic overdrive for OSC 1, 2 and sub OSC
  • Auto portamento mode. Activates the portamento when 2 keys are played in mono mode
  • After touch for enhanced modulation for the filter and pitch modulation
  • User manual in 4 languages, German, English, French and Italian


Additionally, unlocking A-R for only 4.95 euros enables saving the effects settings per patch


  • 2 Stage overdrive
  • 3 stage chorus
  • Delay ‘x’ and normal mode, tempo sync to host
  • Special reverb, delay cluster, normal reverb, oil tank effect…just tweek the controls and listen…


System Requirements

Alpha Ray works fine in all WIN systems; in WIN 7/64 and Cubase 64 please use J-Bridge. Tested with Reaper, Ableton, Cubase 5.5/32, FL, Savihost, Cantabile, CU 5.5/64 (with J-BRIDGE) Ableton + Win 7/64, FL + Win 7/64 less CPU hit animation for cutoff, Q, HP Filter.