fl studio shortcuts to quickly copy patterns in the piano roll

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AIO Sub Bass Preset Demo - Best Sub Bass Plug-in

Get it today at http://flbeattutorials.com/ In this video we run you through the presets in the AIO Sub Bass plug-in. The AIO Sub Bass is the All in One plug…
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  1. Luke Putman says:

    I laughed so hard.

  2. D3MON SOUL says:

    Is there any way to copy and paste not just a note and its velocity but
    also mod wheel expression or volume?
    Thanks for your answer!

  3. Michael Kalmykov says:


  4. kalima redwood says:


  5. Crusty The Wank Sock says:

    Do you know how to copy and past it into a different channel?

  6. F3o0x Dre says:

    thanks man do u have any keys ?

  7. overbe says:

    Man, just press Ctrl+B

  8. Steve Dobson says:

    Incredibly good.. If you find BeatGenerals through here they provide
    fruityloops classes revealing how to create beats, mix beats, master beats,
    etc for an individual requiring extra help and also trying to improve…

  9. doomexpert says:

    Shift-B in fl-studio 9

  10. rollymadmax says:


  11. bombfirst157 says:

    jesus christ took you 2 minutes just to play something, next time hurry the
    fuck up.


    4:53 i tried the same settings ,q1 808 q and everything but it doesn’t
    sound as punchy and fat like there….how come ?

  13. Ant Da Man says:

    I bought the plugin because I thought you would be able to customize the
    soundwave using the ADSR buttons, their pointless to have their if they are
    not able to be used. Also the bass are not in presets, which may mess up
    some people’s workflow, the Bass’s are A1 though.

  14. William Fletcher says:

    @Thescratchnoise….the link is in the description if video

  15. William Fletcher says:

    My name is William Fletcher and I make music as well

  16. Christoph van Liere says:

    Damn, not free anymore. sounds good though

  17. Sean Hampton says:

    1:38 for the sound.