FL Beat Makers Podcast Episode 3 – First Producer interview

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  1. William Fletcher says:
  2. RealYoungK says:

    y all GB tuts use shitty beats smh

  3. Deflun2 says:

    all you did was cycle through presets???… really?? I could have done that
    myself too….

  4. salim çarkacı says:

    no piyano rol…problem . god wawe traveller .gros 1 effect
    gross difficult

  5. Kidd Jones says:

    everytime i try to use “Gross Beats” it plays through out the whole entire
    beat! So do i need to export it into a wav file?

  6. Ryan Griffiths says:

    right click on a pattern and click “create automation clip”

  7. Antoine Thomas says:

    No, right click the mixer knob of the Gross Beat in the master mix table.
    Create automation clip and lower it all the way. Right click (preferably)
    instead of left clicking throughout it and raise it where ever you want the
    Gross effect to happen at.

  8. Ras Dashon says:

    sounds like you have a Windows 95 mouse