Filtering techniques with Sugar Bytes Vogue – Ableton Tutorial Tuesday Season 2

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  1. PYX3L8 says:

    awesome love sugar bytes

  2. ARTFX STUDIOS says:

    In this video we look into filtering techniques using Sugar Bytes Vogue!

  3. Mr Grimm says:

    This was extremely boring Thanks 

  4. iowa1 says:

    I lasted until the 11th minute.You really have to compact the information
    in your videos,35 min is too long

  5. cool as me says:

    i have a mashine mk2 and i want to learn how to sample and slice and how to
    add affects to certain parts of a project without it effecting the whole
    project do you have a video on that ?

  6. Greg Savage says:

    +ARTFX STUDIOS Don’t entertain negative comments man. Keep doing what you
    do. There’s a reason why people keep coming back.

  7. TheOrlandophoenix says:

    Hi there.. my problem is when i try and alter the tempo, the actual clip
    does not move w the timing bar on the bottom…. it just stays the same,
    and the timing bar moves back and forth…. Help please

  8. cool as me says:

    so warping is like time stretching ?

  9. Noodleinjar says:

    I always want to watch your videos, because the topic is interesting, but
    you just talk to slow and ramble on to much

  10. Julie Cheung says:

    This is brilliant, very thorough and explained well! Thank you :)

  11. Alex Till says:

    i think your videos are mad man, inspires me to make the music i love

    screw the haters :)

  12. Cri0sphere says:

    yo +ARTFX STUDIOS where can i find out how to do the whole on screen
    tutorial with the audio ran correctly such in your vid here? huge help,n
    not trying to tred on your toes neither thanx

  13. MCbryzol says:

    What about vocals ?

  14. ARTFX STUDIOS says:

    Finally after all these days waiting the copyright claim was removed. Here
    we go guys, sampling part 2!