Electronic Music Production w/ Ableton Live 9! Dubspot Course Preview!

Dubspot Instructors and Curriculum Developers Chris Petti and Thavius Beck offer a glimpse into our brand new Ableton Live 9 Producer program. Head over to our blog for more info: http://blog.dubs…



  1. Dubspot says:

    *Our NYC Open House takes place every Sunday @ 11am & 12pm*

    Ask our instructors in-depth questions about our programs, curriculum and
    philosophy, and watch live music production and DJ demos. You can even sit
    down at one of our workstations and take it for a test drive.

    Stay tuned to updates regarding Open House at our new Los Angeles location
    here: http://bit.ly/1hYGbhD

  2. Matthew Play says:

    please keep a bottle of water next to the guy doing most of the talking. ;)

  3. Slim Slinky says:

    If anyone who has no knowledge of Ableton and/or DJing, could they learn
    easily or do you have to have some experience? Because I plan on going once
    I graduate but I don’t have much knowledge of Ableton but i would like to
    be able to leave there knowing what I’m doing.

  4. TOMMEEH2 says:

    Where can you buy the t shirt Chris petti’s wearing???

  5. Lorie Johnson says:

    Can’t wait to take this.

  6. Najla Anthony says:

    YUP about to be there. 

  7. Eli Robinson says:

    Are there any prerequisites for this class?

  8. Live2Party says:

    So excited to take some classes here in the fall!!

  9. 1976X says:

    I want to take this

  10. Chris Petti says:

    Level 5 is focused on effect processors and routing. Mixing and Mastering
    techniques are examined and touched upon in this level, but for a deeper
    education on those subjects, check out our Mixing and Mastering course

  11. matt shadetek says:

    Romaine Davy: It definitely does, many of us who teach at DS are big reggae
    and dancehall fans. And the concepts are universal in terms of whatever
    style you want to make.