Electro House mixdown secrets! – Ableton Tutorial Tuesday

Back again with the next video tutorial about music production with Ableton Live. This week I want to explain to you how I do my mixdowns! If you have any qu…



  1. ARTFX STUDIOS says:

    What about making drums, snares(claps as well) vocals and bass mono and the
    rest stereo??

  2. PYX3L8 says:

    this tut bruh is pure gold 

  3. 123string4 says:

    I don’t have a ASIO option just CoreAudio. I tried it with that and the
    exported audio clips stutter. Is there a way to fix this? My preferences
    panel also doesn’t have ‘Hardware Setup’ so I can’t really adjust the
    buffer latency…

  4. Mark Somar says:

    still this is a very great video,. the entire 1 season i learn a lot,.

    but what i wanted to mention,. i was at the dancefair last sunday,. an
    participated in a seminar from Re-Style and Catscan (big names from the
    Masters of Hardcore Lable)

    and gave this tip about mixing.,.

    try mixing with your mixdown to -14 db,.

    and then in the mastering push it up,.

    their master chain was:

    Linear EQ mono&Stereo Seperated
    the exciter from Ozone
    and a limiter

    maybe this can me any help,.

    i am going to try it!


  5. MetalNekomata says:

    haha I was going to ask if your accent was netherlands, then I seen one of
    your folders pop up and “NL” in your system tray. 

  6. Exoro says:

    I’ve learned so much from this video. My mixdown sounds so much better. I’m
    working on a remix of Niggas in Paris(I’ll be posting soon) and the vocals
    sound so much better. thanks

  7. hugo valkyrie says:

    What about making drums, snares(claps as well) vocals and bass mono and the
    rest stereo??

  8. Jack Beckford says:

    Nice one dude live the video!

  9. Radek Topic says:

    Hi mate, when i export my drum group got everything there Kick, snare,
    hihat etc and using izotope and Supercharger on the group so when it’s
    exported it’s audio and i can’t play with the volume with the tracks. when
    i export all tracks it will give me drums group and also individual drums
    withouth the group effects on a bus..I got groups for everything so it
    always export group and individual tracks separately..do you think i can
    consolidate, freeze flatten withouth exporting or do i need to normalize
    all of my tracks for better result?

  10. ARTFX STUDIOS says:

    Use the ASIO one.

  11. nightreaver94 says:

    worst vocals ive heared in my life

  12. TheMegaBan says:

    If am producing, should i use my Asio driver? o my MME/Direct X ? (the one
    that i’m using)

  13. saucypeanuts says:

    how do you deal with sends and what not? could you say you transport them
    into the final mix down?

  14. pardonMEgoodSIR says:

    Everyone has their own method. If you don’t like it, try your own. No need
    to get excited and sound like a total noob.

  15. lauritzmh says:

    Then in the mixing stage you mix every group so they match each other. So
    you do one step at a time. When you export the groups then you don’t need
    to be sure they peak at -4 or -6 or whatever, just below 0 so they don’t
    clip. Normalizing makes sure that they all peak at the 0 anyways. But as
    said in the video… make sure that the master peaks at -6 before

  16. TheBlashMusic says:

    U really love sausage fattener don’t u? Haha 😛

  17. pardonMEgoodSIR says:

    man, these comments get dumber and dumber. (face palm)

  18. ffdff says:

    Yes. I assume your goal is to get your track up to a decent volume level,
    so if this formula works, it works everytime. The only possible difference
    really could be in the EQ settings. Me for example, i am a little more
    aggressive in cutting low freqs, but am also often using Percussions that
    need some of those, which i treat seperately then. So it really just
    depends on your taste and the circumstances (i.e. the sound of the audio
    material, you are working with).

  19. Craig Hoffman says:

    I thought the same thing… I tried this method on a lark and ran into a
    potential hitch. The return tracks didn’t export with their sends. I
    exported them separately just for fun, but it was a little harder to mix
    well. I also think my side-chained compression didn’t work this way, but
    their might be work around-s? This did give me a few ideas though, but I’m
    still not sure I get the normalizing on export either…

  20. L4GGZ says:

    Merry Christmas 🙂

  21. DJ Lingk says:

    So rather then exporting each track and then bringing them back into live,
    why not just freeze and flatten the track? Also I noticed you dont use the
    high quality setting for EQ 8.. any reason for this? Good tut though I
    picked up a few things