Electro House Mastering Guide! – Ableton Tutorial Tuesday

Back again with the next and final video tutorial in season 1 about music production with Ableton Live. This week I want to explain to you how I do the maste…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 5 / 5



  1. Austin Rivada says:

    how do you get the sound in the center of the stereo spectrum? 

  2. Starfire Beats says:

    Having only started creating electronic music about 4 months ago, I’d like
    to say thank you for making all of these videos. Nothing else is nearly as
    good on Youtube, I’ve learned a ton from you and while my own music isn’t
    at a professional level yet, I’m at least on the right track. I’m not sure
    if you’ve already done this but could you make a tutorial covering Native
    Instrument’s Massive? It seems like that’s the best plugin for creating
    bass lines at the moment.

  3. im Clever Artist Name says:

    I need to practice your voice, just for voiceovers. Keep up the good work

  4. Invader! says:

    how could anyone take you seriously with sausage fattenner on the master
    channel LOL

  5. Andy Gold says:

    Best explanation of Ozone on Mastering!

  6. James Alliance says:

    “as you see it comes with a shit load of presets”…. I love this

  7. Basis says:

    great video!

  8. Dylan Edwards says:

    the song is killer

  9. JonastyV says:

    When you said on 15:26 that you compress your tracks during the producing,
    did you mean you compress the individual tracks so they won’t peak in the
    red area? Awesome video btw!

  10. Ba Duljen says:

    great shit ! 

  11. Proph says:

    I speak for everyone when I say thank you for the best mix down and
    mastering tutorials I’ve seen on YouTube so far. I’ve been scratching my
    head for the longest time about both these subjects and you nailed it right
    on the head. Mixes are much cleaner and the masters much more competitive.
    I look forward to going through your catalog. Thanks!

  12. Anton Carolus says:


  13. Dumbo woop says:

    5.4 – 2 = 2.4 …??? 20:53

  14. Alan Keogh says:

    YouTube is full of dickheads, just look at the fucking tutorial, it’s free

  15. AvengedLinkinPark says:

    Wow, very glitch hop, it sounds amazing. I’ll definetely buy it.

  16. AlfredoDubstep says:

    Can’t wait to try em out on my new tracks!

  17. ARTFX STUDIOS says:

    No need to look any further for heavy and punchy snaredrum samples!

  18. Johnny Rock says:

    What are the ‘toms used in the SndCld audio demo?

  19. theDJBLU3 says:

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    have enough money for advertising. So, unfortunately I am stuck doing this.
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  20. Coptronic O'Kane says:

    Dood, you need to put out a file for the OSX format! These snares are the

  21. LATRONNIK says:

    be aware of eric prydz hahaha