Dubstep Growl Tutorial (Massive VST)

Hope you like it! And no, I will not tell you how to get Massive for free, don’t even ask. ——————————————————————…
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  1. Ido122122 says:

    is not dubstep is tehno + electro!

  2. squirt910 says:

    Hey for you guys who want it for free. Go to pirate bay and look up massive
    vst. then look up the 1.5 patch so your good to go.

  3. Zeal says:


  4. MIADubstep says:

    This specific tutorial would be dubstep as the tempo is 140, with the kick
    on one and snare on three. The “growl” could be used in other genres as
    well though 🙂

  5. Matthias Roth says:


  6. Dubulardevice says:

    Sickk dude

  7. Them Dogs says:

    pirate bay 🙂

  8. kingjor09 says: