Dubstep drums / beats in Ableton Live 8 :: Dubspot

A tutorial showing how to create dubstep patterns in Ableton Live using drum racks…. http://www.dubspot.com for more Live 8 tutorials, articles and resources. If you haven’t already check…
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  1. Farhan Jiwani says:

    Didn’t know about that velocity ramp trick! That will speed things up a
    bit, thanks Michael!

  2. Erik Geerling says:

    #dubstep #beats #abletonlive 

  3. patial93 says:


  4. ZephyrModz says:

    Mom even approves!

  5. ENDBOSSING says:

    sounds like a 9 minute made song, o wait

  6. JokerJohnJoker says:

    Do you guys know how to get good sound quality with Ableton Live? I’ve been
    making songs but can’t get near the sound quality as producers like
    Skrillex, Dead Mou5, etc can. Notice that I’m not talking about the song
    (this is not about a good or a bad song). It’s just about the sound
    quality. Can you guys help me out, please?

  7. Ex0rz says:

    @RememberWeveFallen By purchasing or pirating them obv.

  8. Gary The Chinchilla says:

    @DaeonSkyheart well this was made 3 years ago

  9. googlestopaskingformyname says:

    Learn from presets… Surely there must be some preset out there that can
    satisfy your expectations? Then you look what has been done and learn from
    that. If this isn’t the solution, then you just need better speakers
    (professional monitors) and a sound card.

  10. cataleptico says:

    doble click on an empty pattern

  11. Ollie Dibben says:

    swear that first kick is the same from “Reso – if you cant beat em” am i

  12. BassicRecords says:

    lol four to the floor and side-chain your kick drum into your bassline’s
    compressor. alter the pitck a couple steps on beats 2-4 and repeat. Add
    some sweeps, some osc. and boom you have electro

  13. ViaNewson says:

    i love your voice xD

  14. cory2146 says:

    wub wub wub wub wub