Dubspot @ Moogfest 2014: Sound Design Tutorial – Randomness in Synthesis w/ James Patrick

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Mark Lampert, sound designer and audio director at Bethesda, talks about how he constructs the sounds of Skyrim.
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. Veroslash says:

    He’s talking about awesome stuff and all of those background voices are
    sooo annoying, I wish everyone listened to him :P

  2. Farhan Jiwani says:

    You explained everything really well, thanks!

  3. chelalo99 says:

    Holy shit, this stuff is so fucking complicated…..

  4. webmongo says:

    Amazing! Going for more randomness right now. 

  5. Dennis F says:

    Really pushes you to enter a maze full of controlled randomness, waiting to
    be unlocked by some of the many VST’s out there!
    strange how some noises with the right beat can be triggering the pleasure
    zone of the brain.
    Sadly i am still not that bit of a brain surgeon in dissecting sounds…
    (Enjoying my time behind Ableton though)
    Credits for you sir!

  6. Chris Mosby says:

    Christ, I wish the chatter in the background would shut up so I can listen
    to this guy. Awesome lecture.

  7. Farhan Jiwani says:

    Love me some random!

  8. Colin Campbell says:

    Wowsers Mr. Patrick. A very nice explanation and metaphor on “breaking the
    linear calculator”. Have done a fair amount of generative stuff in
    ableton/reaktor but this puts chance in good perspective for more subtle
    use in a more structured piece.


  9. Sergey Levitski says:

    I found it geeky interesting as I do my computer science courses.
    but! somehow I don’t think that randomness is giving your sounds the human
    feeling. for me its more like the ocean noise, which is actually
    alienating… making you thinking about the loneliness in the space …and
    time ..and wtf I’m doing here? ;)

  10. Oğuz SAMSA says:

    argh those chattin douchebags in the background! just die you fucking

  11. Ryan L says:

    what were all the pops and clicks?!:( 

  12. Chris Lutton says:

    Right on JP, you’re session is insane!

  13. Nick Lay says:

    4:23 what the fuck?

  14. KrySoar says:

    I think its look like barack Obama o_O

  15. Kinkoyaburi says:

    The camera operator at some point randomly decides to film extreme close-up
    of Mark’s ear. Because – sounds – ears – get it? Get it!?

  16. Toppa Ramos says:

    He didn’t do a good job at all, the sound mod on steam sounds alot better
    than the original. I can barely bring myself to go back.

  17. Klaus Overmeire says:

    That shot of his Darjeeling tea was so out of context

  18. upload179 says:

    What the best program to use for sound effects what have they used in this

  19. Jerred Williamson says:

    looks like white obama

  20. overtheB says:

    fuck this camera-work

  21. Totally check this out! says:

    cool thanks, I work with sound design too, it’s fun! 🙂 thanks for sharing

  22. SlingSh0t says:

    the cameramen sucks

  23. Mi T says:

    its deffiantly not fruity loops lololo

  24. warnexus says:

    great interview, GI!

  25. mellodge says:

    3:27 Mackie big knob great piece of kit. I totally regret selling mine and
    now can’t afford another. By the way I wouldn’t attempt sound design on
    Fruity Loops LOL! Correct me if I’m wrong but FL studio is MIDI only no?

  26. King31395 says:

    Great interview!

  27. gary jay says:

    100% Cubase…… Great interview

  28. DaGroove Tom says:

    Thats Cubase.. not FL studio’s … both are digital audio workstations, but
    different formatting.. Fl studio’s is alright, i deff wouldn’t use it for
    mastering tracks, but it seems like he goes about making 4 to 10 bar riffs
    of layered sounds and then bounces it out to place into a library which
    from there probably reuses it an different arrangement patterns ..
    reprocessing over and over 

  29. nagol1000 says:

    Can I work with you?

  30. Strondvliegje says:

    Its cubase mate

  31. thinkforaminute says:

    I love the sound of the Soul Trap spell being used. Best sound effect in

  32. Gongasoso says:

    I hope he could see this. Mr. Lampert, if you ever find yourself in the
    need of a sound for some robotic flying bug, for instance, that the player
    could control, and land on it’s hand or something: Try tossing a key set in
    the air, then grabbing it again. Notice the sound it makes. I just think it

  33. lawlorcoaster says:

    Haha, thanks man! I was really curious about that, you’re awesome for