Dubspot :: Minimal Techno – Percussion in Ableton Live w/ Collision

Dubspot Instructor, Michael Hatsis, shows how to create moving percussion sounds and patterns using Ableton’s new Collision Instrument. This technique demonstrates how to use Collision’s MIDI…

Dubspot Ableton Live Tutorial - How to Warp for Remixing w/ Laura Escudé

Learn more at the Dubspot Blog: http://bit.ly/dzzca6 Ableton Certified Trainer and Dubspot Instructor Laura Escudé explains how to warp a song for remixing in Ableton Live 8. Using “Help…
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  1. DeephouseM2 says:

    Dubspot :: Minimal Techno – Percussion in Ableton Live w/ Collision
    @dubspot http://ow.ly/CLYBI #techno #ableton #tutorial

  2. Ion Dru says:

    Thank you! edited my answer i it was for a different video anyway Thumbs up
    for Dubspot:)

  3. Elektroroll says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial! I’m just having one small issue: when I
    apply the groove to the clip, nothing changes in the sound… I followed
    all of your steps, using Live 9.1. Could you please help me with this?
    Also, I noticed that in the Clip view, under “Notes”, I don’t have the
    “Orig. BPM” box. Instead, there is a small box showing the current note.
    How can I change this?
    Thank you!

  4. Jazzy says:

    8:47 HOW?!

  5. adolescent900 says:

    aw you should finish that with a song. it sounds dope!

  6. BLAZE45 says:

    @DubSpot wow thanks for the tips

  7. LuxXx says:

    ty 🙂

  8. kieran360 says:

    hi that drum loop is so good. lovely base. i cant make a kick drum with the
    same kind of base. can you show how to make that?

  9. nelsonthekinger says:

    @DubSpot Thanks!

  10. dr2050productions says:

    Wow, it took me like two months to realize that I needed to watch this
    tutorial again. Thank you! This is very helpful… hope to incorporate some
    of this stuff quite shortly.

  11. didyoujustouchmyass says:

    when i add the swing it doesnt change anything….

  12. black97sho2000 says:

    He sounds live brad pitt in fight club. picture this guy reciting the rules
    of fight club. These tutorials are the best ive seen on youtube. Thanks a

  13. Alex M says:

    where are the collision? :S i dont find in instruments

  14. nelsonthekinger says:

    @BLAZE45 About your Online School, it is Free? i also wanna learn how to
    create a Banger Techno Sound like 1605 guys do. im trying it, but its
    difficult ! i can create a nice 4-4 beat but then i need some effects and
    that stuff to get the track more exciting and unpredictable, and i dont do
    that pretty well! cheers!

  15. Dubspot says:

    Live’s built in tutorials and Manual are a good place to start. The ableton
    website also has some good tutorials. – Michael

  16. Dubspot says:

    You can get to the grooves by right clicking in the groove pool. then
    select “browse grooves”. Or – in clip properties, click the hot swap button
    next to the grooves dropdown, that will take you to your grooves folder.
    Also, the grooves are located in your Live Library in a Folder named
    “Grooves”. check your preferences to find out where your Library is
    located. Hope that helps.

  17. mcvaney71 says:

    ableton is confusing as shit i couldnt figure shit out on the demo
    hopefully when i go home and do this i can work it

  18. DshanYoYoYo says:

    haha thanks, I didn’t know about tapping session view and it was driving me
    nuts. Always used an external metronome to tap… ;D

  19. DJ Anointed says:

    where did the 6 stems come from? Is that a select sound pack or recorded

  20. Gamer Gurke says:

    Thank u very much xD

  21. 0letdown0 says:

    Great tutorial, just used this myself. Gotta love all the enthusiasm from
    Escude: “now…the remixing fun can start”. 

  22. Nitz says:

    amb aquest cognom nomes pot ser catalana tu eh? jejeje

  23. Clifford Wolfenstein says:

    Thank you, oh god, thank you. trying to do a cover song to fit to this. I
    couldn’t find anything, till i typed making a song fit with an acapella….
    even though it’s recorded to vocals.

    you saved me a shit ton of time, thanks.

  24. John Renner says:

    Laura…Yours is one of the best tutorials on this subject…I’m wondering
    if you can give me some specific information:
    I have a song with a narration for an intro with background music at a slow
    tempo…When the pickup into the song occurs…the first beat does not fall
    on ‘one’ !

    How do I warp this ?

    Thank you…I’m former Beach Boys band member.

    John Renner
    Beach Boys, Bobby Darin, Aretha, etc. 

  25. iambatman145 says:

    yay help!

  26. entyce66 says:


  27. Dubspot says:

    Glad you found this to be helpful. Thanks for watching!

  28. tompwns says:

    i was the exact same, great tutorial!

  29. Dubspot says:

    Thanks for watching!

  30. Dusty Okken says:

    @DubSpot ok cool thanks.One other question .What if you have a song with no
    stems. Just the whole song as is. Can you chop it up that way & re-arrage

  31. Greg Mihaley says:

    Can’t you just use an accapella and not use stems? and if so can you still
    warp an accapella like you warped this??

  32. RandoRando says:

    @Sincrol for what ive used automation for im fine with it. it doesnt have
    all the curvers and stuff yeah

  33. Trev Kill says:

    @vetten123 you should do a remix of one of my songs. Negative-Earth

  34. Per DjMasterP says:

    Extreemly usefull tip THANKS

  35. Isaac Mackenzie says:

    Great tutorial! Please could you help on a question about remixing though.
    How would I go about making stems of a track for a remix of my own choice?
    Thank you

  36. Usethebanana says:

    I suppose you mean taking a 118BPM song and making it into a 128BPM song?
    Basically, do first all she says, and then change track tempo 🙂 . Don’t
    change track tempo right from the start. Basically, Ableton first needs to
    know what tempo the audio is. So this entire video is about figuring out
    what tempo the stems are and syncing them correctly to the bars so they’re
    in sync with the metronome. Once that’s done for all stems, you can change
    track tempo and Ableton does the rest.

  37. Dubspot says:

    Thanks for tuning in!

  38. Dusty Okken says:

    good video. a couple questions here. 1) What are stems.? are they the same
    track but the instruments ripped apart on seperate tracks or are they just
    new sounds your adding to the remix. 2)-What would you reccomend for
    warping techno/House around 130BPM?-Repitch or complex PRO.

  39. RAYGproductions says:


  40. Evan Byron says:

    does anyone have the acapella for this???

  41. brocky11 says:

    I’m lost, you switch from the normal view mode to another mode but don’t
    explain what you’ve done & how you’ve switched modes. Can you please
    provide clear instructions as I’m unable to follow.

  42. mickmon says:

    Its a matter of time till its possible 😉