Dubspot April Fools! CON[TRAP]TION Turns Any Song Into Trap! New VST Plug-in… #damnson

more info at http://blog.dubspot.com/contraption/ conTRAPtion is one of the most innovative VSTs to come out in recent memory, a plug-in that can take any so…
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Learn more about Dubspot’s Sound Design Program: http://www.dubspot.com/sound-design/ Last year Dubspot presented a special sound design workshop with electr…
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. Alex Sacob says:

    2:36 yes baby! come with me!

  2. Tom Fisher says:

    This video is 8:08 long lol

  3. Knn B says:

    Trap is such a horrible genre :p love this aprils fool.

  4. Hector Hiffson Griffin says:

    La evolucion no deja de sorprenderme,el ser humano es capaz de programar
    cosas impresionantes.
    Muchos productores TRAP se van a quedar fuera del panorama con esto.

  5. derppool says:

    simply beautiful.

  6. Jeff Y says:

    Since I can’t find these songs anywhere I have taken it upon myself to make
    them. Here is Madonna – Get into the Groove trap remix

  7. naya ramirez says:

    shud of put some sausage fanter sum sound amazingadizer and some camel-slim
    on it for extra trappy grit… stil nice tho.

  8. Divine Justice says:


  9. Tree Root says:

    hey dubspot will u guys be teaching dj/ableton with the apc mkll for summer
    courses? thanks!

  10. ArkA-9 Music says:

    Should have made the MPK 25 not plugged in for extra effect.

  11. Eduardo Trevino says:

    this is so creative and funny.

  12. MBTHR33 says:

    this is funny

  13. dsmith530 says:

    Oh my god… that first beat. Wow….

    What is the sample? You should really put these beats up for download or on
    soundcloud or something.

  14. chuuska1972 says:


  15. Snu99l3z says:

    Not Gonna Lie Even If That Is An April Fools Remix Of Into The Groove By
    Madonna Still Sick But Just Wondering How Do You Do That Exactly Replacing
    The Original Drums In The Track With Your Own In Ableton?

  16. Joel Chavez says:

    “Hard in da paint”

  17. Walter White says:

    That Titanic trap though…
    It’s so good

  18. alexander Tartakovsky says:

    So funny

  19. William Cooney says:

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  20. dajudgementday says:

    Wheres the torrent i gotta get this !

  21. Joshua Charles Campbell says:

    Damn son, where’d you find this?

  22. Viraj Alankar says:

    A good intro to what “trap music” is.

  23. Definitive Sound says:

    in.stant.trap.music.SWAG lol! (best April fools of thee year)
    Damn Son! CON[TRAP]TION Turns Any Song Into Trap! New VST Plug-in – Dubspot

  24. Billy Blass says:


  25. googlestopaskingformyname says:

    Went and downloaded CDP :o)

  26. Loris Solic says:

    is there anything similar on windows. A windows terminal. What are my

  27. Tristan Chroma says:

    I guess this has been forgotten? :S

  28. Jaa doo says:

    and a plug in can’t do this? com on…
    BTW are you hiding your bald forehead?!! 8) Thanks anyways BT

  29. Victor Macedo says:

    a MUST video at dubspot channel 

  30. unreleasedEDM says:

    but aren’t there vst’s that could do this in realtime in any daw?

  31. DoglessEndeavor says:

    CDP is a bitch to install on Mavericks. I did exactly what the ManualConfig
    file said, but I still get ‘Command not found’ and Sound Loom can’t locate
    the _cdp folder.

  32. Tristan Chroma says:

    Is the rest of this going to be posted / is it posted somewhere?

  33. Matthew Gregg says:

    +Jared Smith Please show BT how to use tab complete and shell history. This
    is painful to watch 🙂 And OMG that launcher!

  34. FadedShadows says:

    @6:24 is so F’n Sick!! I am so going to use this! LOL!

  35. Skerrit Bwoy says:

    Well done! New toy to play with :)

  36. RAZA TUNE says:

    wtf, there’s a Pt. 1 but no Pt. 2???

  37. gary hiebner says:

    Where’s part 2?

  38. Rob B says:

    …but where do i get it? and is that called an installation tutorial….?
    i have nooooooo clue how to actually get this working.. :(((((((((((((((((

  39. erik källman says:

    So… how about some SuperCollider?

  40. jimixdnb says:

    is it really worth it?

  41. Pier Bover says:

    My god he is bad with the terminal…

  42. doug209 says:

    Wow! BT is an awesome teacher!

  43. Thomas Waters says:

    Give him a head mic next time. 

  44. Carlos De la Portilla says:


  45. Diego Casillas says:

    Yeah he failed to mention #1 how hard CDP is to install in Mavericks and #2
    how ATROCIOUS the UI for SoundLoom is. Pretty much unusably clunky. Much
    better to try to use commands in the Terminal.

    EDIT: finally got CDP to work through the Terminal. Heads up: much easier
    to name everything you’re gonna use without spaces, as Terminal has a hard
    time with that. And a lot of functions, such as Distort Interpolate from
    the video, only use mono files, so read before you try to go nuts!