Dubspot Ableton Live 9 Tutorial – Sampling the Human Voice w/ Chris Petti @ Decibel Festival 2013

Dubspot Ableton Live 9 Tutorial - Sampling the Human Voice w/ Chris Petti  @ Decibel Festival 2013

At this year’s Decibel Festival in Seattle, Dubspot hosted a series of free EDU Session workshops as part of the Decibel Festival Conference. In this tutoria…

Logic Pro Tutorial :: Playing Melodies w/ Vocal Samples :: Dubspot

For more info: http://bit.ly/hnTM7K In this tutorial, producer/DJ and Dubspot Senior Logic Instructor Matt Shadetek shows you how to manipulate, re-pitch, an…



  1. The GamingMelon says:

    Do they tutorial fl studio?

  2. hans franz says:

    so interesting, please never stop to do videos like this, it gets my music
    production skills higher and higher and gives me so much creative space.

    is there a freeware altenative of soundhack for windows?
    i really want to use this!!

  3. Biliana BiBiShi BiBiShaN says:

    well. soundhack works only for MAC .. c c c :/

  4. TheoMartel says:

    This is awesome ^_^

  5. Biliana BiBiShi BiBiShaN says:

    so many Men … are some woman lecturer for Dubstep?

  6. ARNAB ROY says:

    Its really hard to grow up a microscopic vision…
    Its really hard to go on with that microscopic vision…
    glad to c…yet…

  7. chelalo99 says:

    can some one give me advice on how to get a “flume like sound?” :D

  8. Le Rebel says:

    time stretching in ableton is infinite.

  9. tmoblak says:

    i think the negative commenters here just didnt get the whole idea. this is
    exactly the way i always create my sounds or even photographs – i always
    record my own field recordings/voice and then create all the beats and
    layers. i hate the idea of downloading all the sounds/instruments/beats
    from elswhere because simply – i wouldnt consider it “my music” anymore.
    using existing sounds is just too easy and another thing is – it kills the
    creativity. all the best music i know always sounds other than usual sound
    – thats because people who create it use their own ways of creating sounds
    – whether its using the voice as the source of beats or cracking of the
    stones and wood, foots in the snow or even the raindrops falling on the
    window.. the idea of this tutorial is – use your own head.

  10. Nick Pelkey says:

    lets stop saying ootb. there’s a great series of articles on creativity in
    psychology today that suggest that ootb is a no no. 

  11. MrOriginalMix says:

    Thank you so much for this.. You have no idea how long I’ve been searching
    for this technique

  12. melieche says:

    My life has just been changed. 

  13. BastoBean says:

    How do you know what Key the sample is in the first place? 

  14. Mukesh Rathore says:


  15. Carlos Barnett says:

    anyone know how to make the samples the same speed, like when I change
    pitch lower the sample gets slower..?

  16. Heathen says:

    can’t seem to find the edit button on logic pro x, help please?

  17. Ivar Fritjof Hansen says:
  18. Simon Hunt says:

    Invaluable my freind!! THANKS

  19. Nicholas Kinoshita says:

    Can I get the ESX24 plugin for Ableton?

  20. Zak Aldridge says:

    hello, I was wondering how to play these notes on my midi keyboard. can
    click them with my mouse but not play and record with the keyboard keys.
    Please help. thanks

  21. Ugly Bunny says:

    Who or why would anyone click dislike?!?! Anyway, great tutorial; I had NO
    idea Ultrabeat was so powerful! Thanks!

  22. Irving D says:

    how could i correct pitch in Ableton live for the vocal samples?

  23. Imran Bhaloo says:

    @mcsg27 makes sense. yes that’s what I have been (experimenting with) using
    them for as well. However sometimes you find a synth lead that you may want
    to use to layer your own, or something of the sort. I realize this is not
    as inpsiring as vocal chops, but would the process for doing it be similar?
    Thanks for your help.

  24. TheOfficialWarpath says:

    Bailey spread sounds like a porno

  25. THE RUMOUR says:

    you can’t chose it without,you have to have no likes too with that option

  26. JAKOMAD1 says:

    very useful lesson thanks!!

  27. Dubspot says:

    Thanks for watching!

  28. matt shadetek says:

    Marcy Marc: you can do it 8 but you need to manually add the sample to the
    sampler, there’s no convert menu option

  29. strumfun says:

    Really cool and Inspiring. Thanks

  30. og3po says:

    I gotta ask though.. Are you using Snow Leopard? Things seem different…

  31. Dubspot says:

    hey all, Glad you liked the video. With a little ingenuity you should be
    able to implement this in any DAW. All you need is a sampler where you can
    specify a range of pitches for each sample (or multiple samplers to hold
    each sample) and a pitch correction plug-in. There are plenty of third
    party pitch correction plug-ins, Antares Autotune is a popular one,
    Melodyne is another. -Matt Shadetek

  32. SebbeSucksBawlz says:

    Useful stuff. Thanks!

  33. Francisco J. Borrazás says:

    Hi, Thanks for this video it is great. Could you help me find a plugin, I
    tried lots of google searches but nothing. I can’t remember the name. You
    press record (in the plugin) and record a sound and then you play that
    sound in every key of your keyboard. Really simple and automatic. Thanks